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Improve the Efficiency of Your Fleet Service Team

Improve the Efficiency of Your Fleet Service Team | Truck Fleet | Parker Hannifin Quick Coupling DivisionThe trucking industry is experiencing tremendous growth. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the demand for diesel service technicians and mechanics is projected to grow by 12 percent from 2014 to 2024, faster than the average for all occupations. The demand has accelerated based on a variety of conditions, including a growing economy and increased vehicle complexity.


The future of trucking is here

Trucks are quickly transforming into rolling data centers that track everything from emissions to blind zone obstacles, to tire inflation and more. As a direct result, the skill requirements of technicians and mechanics are changing.

The efficient use of your skilled service team is key. One way to increase productivity and make the best use of your service team’s skills is to simplify the processes that are time-consuming and routine, such as fleet vehicle oil changes.


Never change oil the same again

Parker’s QuickFit™ Oil Change System provides a path forward for better standardization of oil changes with a more efficient, cleaner and safer process. Whether a veteran mechanic or first-day-on-the-job technician, there’s only minimum training needed to perform an oil change using the QuickFit System. Only three easy steps will complete the process to purge, evacuate and refill oil. This is achieved through a single connection point that allows used oil to drain directly to the waste containment, and then apply a vacuum to extract the used oil from the filter. Finally, the same connection point is used to refill the system with new oil.


Step 1 – Purge Filter

Employs compressed air to purge the oil by pushing it through the filter into the engine sump.

Improve the Efficiency of Your Fleet Service Team | Step 1 - Purge Filter | Parker Hannifin Quick Coupling Division

Step 2 – Evac Oil

Oil is drained directly to waste containment, allowing for clean removal of the filter.

Improve the Efficiency of Your Fleet Service Team | Step 2 - Evac Oil | Parker Hannifin Quick Coupling Division

Step 3 – Refill Oil

New oil is pumped into the engine using the same connection point.

Improve the Efficiency of Your Fleet Service Team | Step 3 – Refill Oil | Parker Hannifin Quick Coupling Division


“Reducing the number of steps in the process eliminates any risk of safety hazards or spills, which creates less consumable waste and is more environmentally friendly. The QuickFit System three-step process helps to lower operating costs, increase profitability and reduce oil change times by about 50%.” 
Mario Calvo, division marketing manager, Parker Quick Coupling Division


Improve the Efficiency of Your Fleet Service Team | QuickFit parts | Parker Hannifin Quick Coupling DivisionQuickFit features an ergonomic design that allows for easier access to even the most cramped and isolated engine compartments. This greatly reduces exposure to fluids and lowers the possibility of slips, falls and burns. Plus, oil changes can be completed from start to finish in less than 30 minutes.

The QuickFit system provides a solution that is incredibly easy to use. Maintenance becomes simple, productivity goes up, the risk of spills and contamination is virtually eliminated and it works for engines and machinery across multiple applications.


The future is bright for the trucking industry

Improve the efficiency of your fleet service team - Smiling Service Technicians - Parker Quick Coupling DivisionThe future is bright for the trucking industry, as the demand for experienced technicians and mechanics has never been higher. To properly maintain vehicles, fleet service centers must invest in the latest tooling, equipment, and software to keep up with the rapid pace of technology and change. The QuickFit Oil Change System greatly simplifies a crucial aspect of fleet maintenance by allowing technicians and mechanics to change the oil in a matter of minutes and focus more time on other key components of equipment maintenance and repair. Simplifying this one process will increase efficiency to allow better use of your highly valued service team.



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Matt Walley, product sales manager, Quick Coupling Division, Parker HannifinContributed by Matt Walley, product sales manager, Quick Coupling Division, Parker Hannifin






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