Innovative Heavy-Duty Vehicle Technology on Display at IFPE

Innovative Heavy-Duty Vehicle Technology on Display at IFPE 2017From optimizing peak performance to minimizing unplanned downtime, the products and systems Parker will showcase at IFPE 2017 are designed specifically to help its customers increase their productivity and profitability.  

Every three years, more than 100,000 attendees from around the world gather in Las Vegas, Nevada for the International Fluid Power Expo (IFPE) to learn about the latest developments in construction, agriculture and a diverse range of related markets.  

Here is a look at some of the innovative new technologies Parker experts will be on-site to discuss with visitors:

Load sensing valve with EQA technology - EcoFormance

Innovative Heavy-Duty Vehicle Technology on Display at IFPE 2017Parker’s EQA (Electric Flow Amplifier) EcoFormance technology represents one of the next significant advancements in load sensing valves. By automatically adapting the meter-out pressure to the load conditions, machine control is greatly improved by EQA technology. This is most notably useful for functions with slew or jib movements, or digger arms with over-center movement.

Used in hydraulic systems found in mining, forest and construction machines, this technology offers OEMs a lower risk and the gains in doing so are well defined: in tested applications, a 15% productivity increase and 22% fuel savings results.

A load sensing valve with EQA technology also allows instant and seamless switching between regenerative mode and double acting mode, as well as between gravity lowering and power down. The added speed and precision improves productivity, enabling more work to be done in a given time.

Electro-Hydraulic control - IQAN Connect

Innovative Heavy-Duty Vehicle Technology on Display at IFPEParker IQAN Connect is a totally electronic approach that replaces mechanical and electromechanical systems for controlling and monitoring hydraulics in mobile machines. IQAN Connect is a digital ecosystem that ties together Parker’s smart hydraulics and electronics products to work seamlessly as a complete system.

IQAN connect offers a synergy of intelligent components and customizable software that delivers next-generation connectivity while providing flexibility in design and development.

Hose selection simplified - GlobalCore

Innovative Heavy-Duty Vehicle Technology on Display at IFPE 2017The result of a multi-year collaboration among several Parker divisions, GlobalCore is a simplified line of world-class hydraulic hoses featuring just five hose sizes and two fittings series, greatly reducing complexity to simplify ordering and inventory management.

The GlobalCore hose has half the bend radius of conventional hoses with one-third less effort, reducing a customer’s hose needs by as much as half. The outside diameter is nearly 30% smaller, enabling it to fit into tight spaces or even allowing a customer to increase hose size for better flow characteristics. It has twice the impulse life of other hoses and features a highly abrasion-resistant cover, greatly extending the time between replacements and minimizing downtime.

Accurate mobile diagnostics - SensoNODE and SCOUT Mobile

Innovative Heavy-Duty Vehicle Technology on Display at IFPE 2017Abnormal temperature and pressure levels can adversely impact the function of hydraulic lines and pump systems in heavy mobile machinery. Because a machine must be operating for accurate readings, traditional wired diagnostic solutions can lead to wires or cables getting caught in moving parts, or require the installation of extra hardware.

Parker’s SensoNODE BlueTM sensors and SCOUT Mobile™ software give users an advanced condition monitoring solution that provides accurate readings without excessive wiring, allowing for mobile diagnostics with the cab door closed. SensoNODE sensors allow for accurate pressure and temperature diagnostics to avoid overload/failure or decreased operating efficiency.

Highly resilient thermoplastic components - nobrox

Innovative Heavy-Duty Vehicle Technology on Display at IFPE 2017Parker’s nobrox® is a new thermoplastic material which exhibits excellent wear resistance, chemical resistance, and resilience, reliability, ease of assembly and economy – while offering versatile uses as a sealing element, guiding element, anti-extrusion element and material for engineered components.

In the harsh working conditions of hydraulic systems, sealing materials – besides withstanding high loads and pressures – must be able to successfully resist a variety of other attacks. Environments contaminated by abrasive particles, as well as rough surfaces, mechanically attack the materials, while fluids do so by chemical means. Pressure and temperature contribute their fair share to these challenges. Seals made of the new Parker nobrox® material excel in terms of robustness against abrasion even on the harshest mating surfaces such as castings, drawn tubes or ceramics. They are compatible with all media commonly used in fluid power systems at the required operating temperatures as well.

Unmatched strength and heat resistance - fabric reinforced products

Innovative Heavy-Duty Vehicle Technology on Display at IFPE 2017Reinforcing an elastomer with fabric increases the durability and longevity of a part and provides added flame and abrasion resistance. Parker’s fabric reinforced products offer industry-leading tensile strength, pliability and fire resistance at a low cost, durable elastomeric fabric composite.

Parker fabric reinforced products come in bellows, profiles and custom shapes utilizing fabric coated or infused elastomers. They can be designed to fit any application utilizing extruded profiles, molded bellows or customizable shapes. Fabric reinforced products are designed to withstand direct flame at 2000°F for 15 minutes and offer increased abrasion resistance for product longevity.

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