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Inspiring Students with Career Discussions at the Women’s Leadership Symposium

Parker Women Share Career Advice with Students - St Josephs Womens Leadership Symposium - Parker Women - Parker HannifinAt the annual Saint Joseph Academy's Women’s Leadership Symposium, three accomplished Parker professionals shared their experiences and advice on potential career paths with the students. In support of the only all girls school in the Cleveland, Ohio area, this annual gathering connects students and successful women from the community to inspire the students by presenting a variety of different career options. 

Beatriz Ibarra, Stella Beech, and Lori Martinelli spent the day speaking and networking with the students as representatives of Parker’s women’s business resource group, Peer W.

At each annual symposium, career discussions are offered as breakout sessions to facilitate a two-way conversation as guest speakers share their perspectives on their careers and lessons learned along the way.


Inspirational Ohio Supreme Court Justice presents keynote speech

Parker Women Share Career Experience with Students - Logo for St Joseph AcademyThe symposium’s key note speaker was Ohio Supreme Court Justice, Melody Stewart. A true pioneer, she achieved many firsts with her election to Ohio’s Supreme Court as an African-American woman and a Democrat. Justice Stewart has more than 30 years of combined administrative, legal and academic experience. Before joining the Supreme Court, she spent 12 years on the 8th Ohio District Court of Appeals, earning accolades for fairness and equity in the judicial process. She is also a music lover and avid piano player, having played since the young age of 5 years old. Read more from Cleveland Magazine about her history and accomplishments.


Sharing career experiences

The career discussion break-out sessions each lasted about 30 minutes, giving students the opportunity to learn about a variety of career paths. The team of Parker women offered perspective on the many different roles within the IT function and the importance of leadership and education.  


Peer W supporting inclusion and diversity

The company’s first business resource group, Peer W, was formed to support the attraction, development and retention of woman at Parker. The mission of the group is to cultivate the professional success of women by creating awareness, education and visibility across Parker’s organization. Peer W provides resources and support for women in all roles across the company. In support of Parker’s goal to provide an inclusive environment, business resource groups offer an opportunity for team members to pursue educational opportunities, engage and interact with business leaders and identify opportunities to promote career growth.


From our team members:

Parker Women Share Career Experience with Students - Stella Beech - Parker Hannifin It was my pleasure to be asked back to present at the Saint Joseph Academy’s 13th annual Women’s Leadership Symposium. What a great opportunity to share what it means to be an IT leader at Parker Hannifin, encourage young women to pursue a career in IT and answer questions about everything from what a typical day looks like to how one succeeds as a woman working in a male-dominated industry.

Stella Beech, division IT manager, Parker Hannifin


Parker Women Share Career Experience with Students - Lori Martinelli - Parker Hannifin This is the second year I have volunteered and it's a great experience. The girls are in their freshman and sophomore years of high school and are very engaging. It's always a rewarding experience to see how they perceive their next steps in life.


Lori Martinelli, project management, Parker Hannifin


Parker Women Share Career Experience with Students - Beatriz Ibara - Parker Hannifin

I had a wonderful time connecting with the girls at St. Joseph’s Academy. Helping expose students to STEM careers is my passion, and I am grateful Parker gives me many opportunities to do so! They asked questions about my recent college experience at Michigan State and what my responsibilities are at Parker. I am excited to join their Leadership Symposium again next year!

Beatriz Ibarra, IT tech analyst, Parker Hannifin




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