Landscape Design Made Easier with PowerTilt Tilting Coupler Attachment

PowerTilt Helps to Lower Costs, Reduce Manual Labor and Enhance Profitability Landscape Scene Cylinder DivisionKeeping up with the Joneses means big business for Enumclaw Landscape based out of Enumclaw, WA. As a full-service landscape construction company, they provide landscape services to residential, commercial and government customers. Good old-fashioned work ethic and integrity are two key factors in running a successful business for more than 40 years — but David Schodde and his team of experienced professionals have another ace up their sleeve in the PowerTilt Tilting Coupler Attachment.

Enumclaw Landscape purchased a PowerTilt model PT-6 attachment for their mini-excavator. This machine, with PowerTilt installed, can be used to perform a wide variety of landscaping tasks, such as, grading, contouring, ditching, sloping and trenching.


A versatile tool that decreased manual labor

Prior to their purchase of the PowerTilt attachment, the company used a significant amount of manual labor on their landscape construction projects. With the PowerTilt, they received better results on the job site with fewer workers required.


“PowerTilt works awesome! It adds so much versatility to our mini-excavator. I wish I would have had a PowerTilt 40 years ago.”

David Schodde, Owner, Enumclaw Landscape


PowerTilt’s ability to increase the number of tasks a single machine can perform allowed Enumclaw Landscape to better allocate their resources into enhanced profitability.


Tight quarters are not a problem

Landscape Design Made Easier with PowerTilt Tilting Coupler Attachment PowerTilt Cylinder Division Landscape construction companies often work in tight quarters. Residential customers have multiple neighbors bordering the job site or other natural obstacles like trees, shrubs or water features that require special attention. Small footprints on the jobsite are imperative. PowerTilt allowed the equipment operator to avoid repositioning the excavator any more than absolutely necessary. The attachment is flexible enough for the driver to reposition it without having to move the equipment. 


Wide bucket for narrow shallow trenches
PowerTilt Helps to Lower Costs, Reduce Manual Labor and Enhance Profitability Wide bucket narrow trench

Another benefit of the PowerTilt is the ability to tilt a wide bucket and then use the corner of the bucket to dig a trench without having to switch to a narrow trenching bucket. This functionality saves the operator significant time by allowing the rotation of the 48" bucket to then dig a narrow shallow trench to lay conduit or irrigation line. Previously the operator would have had to change to a different bucket.

Innovative Rotary Actuator Technology

PowerTilt uses innovative sliding-spline operating technology to convert linear piston motion into powerful shaft rotation. Each actuator is composed of a housing and two moving parts — the central shaft and piston. As hydraulic pressure is applied, the piston is displaced axially, while the helical gearing on the piston outer diameter and the housing’s ring gear causes the simultaneous rotation of the piston. At the same time, piston inner diameter and shall cause the shalt to rotate and tilt the buck. PowerTilt’s end caps, seals and bearings all work in tandem to keep debris and other contaminants out of the inner workings of the actuator, prolonging product life and reducing required maintenance.


"PowerTilt gives us more flexibility with our machine. With PowerTilt installed, we can use our mini-excavator to its fullest potential."

Dave Magstadt, Equipment Operator for Enumclaw Landscape


A flexible tool for any season

PowerTilt's versatility allowed it to stay on Enumclaw Landscape's machine almost the whole year-round. the competitive advantage for the company has been to complete jobs faster and more cost-effectively. 

Over a decade of innovation and engineering has gone into making PowerTilt an integral solution for worksite efficiency. It is specifically engineered to work with a variety of attachments to improve a machine's versatility like wide buckets, brush cutters, narrow buckets, hydraulic hammers, rippers and mowers. PowerTilt is available for equipment up to 75,000 pounds in eight sizes with a standard rotation of up to 180 degrees. Each model is engineered for a specific class of machinery and individually customized to fit the machine. Learn more about Parker’s PowerTilt.


dThis article was contributed by Jessica Howisey, marketing communications manager, Helac Business Unit, Cylinder Division





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