Maximizing Productivity at the Washington Department of Natural Resources

Maximizing Productivity at the Washington Department of Natural Resources Washington CYLWith a mandate to restore and preserve streams used by native fish populations which circumnavigate over 3,000 miles of roads and 1,700 stream culverts, it’s easy to see why it’s mission-critical to be efficient and productive in every activity. Scott Minkler, the supervisor of the Washington Department of Natural Resources Northwest Region, is diligent about maximizing the productivity of his team. When Minkler heard about the success that other branches of the Washington Department of Natural Resources were having with PowerTIt, he couldn’t wait to try out the rugged attachment manufactured by Parker’s Cylinder Division.

Minkler was quickly impressed, “The PowerTilt Tilting Coupler has allowed us to double our productivity and produce a better-finished result, across a broad range of tasks. Our equipment operators were frequently repositioning the machine, building benches, doing nearly everything imaginable to get at the right angle for the job prior to using a tilting attachment.  Now our equipment operators can just work from the road surface and use the PowerTilt to adjust the angle of the attachment instead of moving the entire excavator around.” Tony Holt, the equipment operator agrees. “We had previously used a conventional bucket and thumb combination to complete our projects around the job site — after adding PowerTilt, I now get a better-finished appearance in half the time. PowerTilt is easily my favorite tool on the job."


Multiple tasks from a single attachment

Maximizing Productivity at the Washington Department of Natural Resources CYLWith such a daunting workload, it was clear to the Washington DNR that they needed to maximize the productivity of their machine. Accordingly, PowerTilt has remained on their excavators 100 percent of the time, year-round. PowerTilt is used for a whole host of tasks throughout the stream restoration and roadside maintenance process:

Slope stabilization: PowerTiIt allows the equipment operator to flatten slope angles to reduce surface erosion and provide favorable ground to establish vegetation without repositioning the machine, which can be destructive to fragile riparian habitats.

Ditch maintenance: The PowerTilt allows the team to efficiently cut the perfect angles for optimal drainage as well as remove any debris from the ditch with minimal machine movement.

Side cast removal: The equipment operator efficiently uses PowerTilt to position the bucket for optimum removal of the unwanted side cast more productively and without disturbing the native habitat.

A durable and versatile solution

The Washington DNR works in a rugged, tough environment every day and needs the tools that are up to the challenge. In over 4,500 hours with PowerTilt, the department has never had a problem. PowerTilt skips seamlessly between tasks and in every situation saves time and provides a better job outcome.  


“I believe that every equipment operator would want a PowerTilt if they tried it. Our team is twice as productive with PowerTilt — we’d come unglued without this attachment!”

Tony Holt. Operator Washington Department of Natural Resources


An all-weather attachment

Maximizing Productivity at the Washington Department of Natural Resources PowerTilt Cutaway CYLOver a decade of innovation and engineering has gone into making PowerTilt an integral solution for worksite efficiency. PowerTilt is specifically engineered to work with a variety of attachments, improving your machine’s versatility. PowerTilt is compatible with wide buckets, brush cutters, narrow buckets, hydraulic hammers, rippers, and mowers —just to name a few. PowerTilt’s versatility and durability have allowed the Northwest Region team to keep it on their machine 100 percent of the time, year-round. Minkler explains “My team isn’t shy about telling me which tools aren’t holding up to our demanding requirements. I can tell you that without a doubt the PowerTilt is the only tool we use that we are truly satisfied with. It’s the perfect solution for our requirements.”

PowerTilt is available for equipment up to 75,000 pounds in eight sizes with standard rotation of up to 180 degrees. Each model is engineered for a specific class of machinery and individually customized to fit your machine.


For more information about Parker’s Helac construction equipment attachments, visit http://solutions.parker.com/powertilt


Maximizing Productivity at the Washington Department of Natural Resources - Jessica Howisey - Parker Cylinder DivisionMaximizing Productivity at the Washington Department of Natural Resources- Dan Morgado - Parker Cylinder DivisionThis article was contributed by Jessica Howisey, marketing communications manager and Daniel Morgado, applications engineer, Helac Business Unit, Cylinder Division 





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