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Measure Displacement and Strain Like Never Before

Measure Displacement and Strain Like Never Before - Piping and sensor application - Parker Hannifin Quick Coupling DivisionAs the Internet of Things continues to set the pace for innovation in condition monitoring and diagnostics, it’s important to recognize potential where little existed before. Developing solutions to match that potential can open up new avenues of measurement capability for numerous applications.

One such technology is electroactive polymer (EAP), a tough silicon rubber that can withstand the harshest working environments. Recognizing its potential, we used it to build our SensoNODE™ Flexible Displacement Sensor.

Soft, thin, and conformable, these sensors can take accurate measurements and readings while being strained over 100% for millions of cycles. Their durability lets them operate despite the conditions of the working environment, including heat, cold, shock, dust, vibration and moisture.

With SCOUT™ Mobile software, users can receive the measurements wirelessly, and compile and present the data in a way that makes sense to their application.


Potential market applications

Measure Displacement and Strain Like Never Before - sensor  product with cables for application - Parker Hannifin Quick Coupling DivisionThe ultra-stretchable, lightweight construction and precise motion capture capabilities of the SensoNODE Flexible Displacement Sensor make it well suited for numerous potential applications, including:


  • Physical rehabilitation
  • Monitoring vital factors
  • Gauging motion
  • Furniture


  • Elastomer joints and seals
  • Conveyor systems
  • Linear actuators
  • Hydraulic accumulators
  • Mechanical effectors
  • Pneumatic cylinders


  • Sports
  • Training
  • Gaming

​Now, watch this video to learn more about Parker SensoNODE Sensors and SCOUT Mobile software



You can also review our SensoNODE bulletin or download the SensoNODE and SCOUT Mobile product catalog to learn more. 

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Measure Displacement and Strain Like Never Before - Tad Orstad Parker Hannifin This post was contributed by Tad Orstad, applications engineer, SensoNODE sensors and SCOUT software, Parker Quick Coupling Division.







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