Medical & Dental Equipment

Advanced Liquid Valves Expand Microfluidic Possibilities

Liquid valves are a critical component in the next generation of analytical equipment used for clinical diagnostics, analytical chemistry, environmental monitoring, agent detection, and other life...
On June 27, 2019

Perfluoroelastomer Materials Tailored for Your Needs

The zenith of rubber material technology is in perfluoroelastomer compounds, also known as FFKM. Sometimes considered the rubber version of PTFE, a perfluoroelastomer contains a fully...
On August 2, 2016

Nitrous Oxide Nasal Mask and Breathing Circuit Increases Patient Comfort

A renowned oral and maxillofacial surgeon from Phoenix, Arizona approached Parker's Porter Instrument Division in 2011 with a prototype design for an improved nitrous oxide mask. Robert Guyette,...
On July 28, 2015