Meeting Your Work Truck's Demand for More Hydraulics Space

Meeting Your Work Truck's Demand for More Hydraulics Space | Dump Truck | Parker HannifinDump pumps have long been the standard in the dump truck and trailer segment. The cost-effectiveness of a combination pump and valve with a built-in relief has been a winning combination in the North American marketplace for decades. 

Trucks are constantly evolving and space for hydraulics has become a major issue. In today’s fast-paced world, the dump body lifting speed requirements are increasing. As a result, most fleets require pumps with larger volumetric displacements and that presents a problem - there’s often no room left next to the truck's transmission for a larger pump with a built-in valve. Newer trucks have more exhaust piping, DEF tanks, diesel particulate filters, SCR catalysts, tighter frame rails, heat shields and several other obstructions that just weren’t an issue 10 years ago.

Meeting your work Truck's Demand for More Hydraulics Space | Parker G101 Series combination pump and valve| Hydraulics


Using a smaller combination pump and valve, for example, Parker’s G101/102 Series dump pumps, won’t deliver the same dump body lifting speed performance. Now, there’s another option that has entered the market.




Meeting Your Work Trucks Demand for More Hydraulics Space | Parker CVA16 Tipper Valve | Parker Hannifin ydraulics


Our CVA16 tipper valve can be used with the PGP051/PGP350 series gear pumps and with most fixed displacement hydraulic pumps. Unlike traditional valves, this valve can be placed anywhere along the chassis of the truck, helping to eliminate spatial constraints. 




For such a small component, the benefits are substantial. In addition to solving the problem of space, the CVA16 tipper valve is:

  • extremely cost-effective - the tipper valve should last the life of your truck;

  • very robust and not overly sensitive to contamination;

  • easy to install and the only one on the market today that comes with an owner's manual and installation guide;

  • available for purchase from any Parker Distributor that carries gear pumps;

  • available as single or dual pressure, with cable and air shift options; 

  • three different in-cab console options to pair with the valves;

  • easy to plumb.


Meeting Your Work Trucks Demand for More Hydraulics Space | Parker CVA16 Tipper Valve | Hydraulics



Air shift

The air shift version comes standard with a ¼” SAE DOT push-to-connect fitting.

Dual pressure

You can use this version of the valve to operate systems requiring two different pressure settings. The low-pressure setting can be used for a dump hoist and the high-pressure setting can be used for a moving floor or another circuit requiring higher pressures.

Meeting Your Work Trucks Demand for More Hydraulics Space | Parker CVA16 Tipper Valve | Hydraulics

In today's rapidly evolving world where taking chances could mean not getting the job done, Parker is there with the tools to make maintaining your truck easy. If your work trucks demand a high-displacement dump pump but don't have space for one, the CVA16 tipper valve series is a cost-effective solution.

Download the brochure or owner's manual for specs and installation guide for more information.


Meeting Your Work Truck's Demand For More Hydraulics Space | The Work Truck Show Logo | Vocational Truck Team, Parker HannifinLearn more at NTEA’s The Work Truck Show 2018

To learn more about Parker’s solutions our engineers can customize for your entire work truck fleet, visit with us during this year’s The Work Truck Show in Indianapolis, IN, March 6 - 8, 2018, booth #3011.



Meeting Your Work Truck's Demand for More Hydraulics Space  - Nicholas Roberto, National Sales Manager - Parker HannifinArticle contributed by Nicholas Roberto, national sales manager, Vocational Truck Team, Parker Hannifin.





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