MegaBots Development Is Faster and More Efficient with ParkerStore Onsite Container and PTS

MegaBots’ Eagle Prime is a 16-foot-tall, internally piloted humanoid fighting robot that battles on an epic-scale. MegaBots’ giant fighting robots are the brainchild of engineers Gui Cavalcanti and Matt Oehrlein, who founded the Hayward, CA company in 2014, combining their engineering expertise with a childhood fascination with large-scale fighting machines.

While the MegaBots team had the inventiveness and technological expertise to create the robots, they realized they needed the “best of the best” fluid power products to help make them move. In their quest to create the most powerful and responsive motion systems possible, they required, “high-reliability, precision components ranging from valves to cylinders and particularly the hydraulic hoses and fittings that connect them,” said Cavalcanti. 

This led to the partnership between ParkerStore and MegaBots and introduced the company to two Parker resources that are playing a mega role in the manufacture of their giant fighting robots.

MegaBots Development is Faster | ParkerStore | Bot with OnsiteContainer

ParkerStore Onsite Container

The first resource is the ParkerStore Onsite Container—a customized hose fabrication center located at the MegaBots facility. During the development process engineers can now pull the components they need right off the shelf, at their location, rather than going out to a hose shop or waiting for a shipment to arrive. With the Onsite Container, said Cavalcanti, “I can go from idea to completion literally in the span of hours.” The proximity of the Onsite Container to the engineering and design team combined with immediate access to essential parts has maximized productivity and dramatically reduced the time it takes to fabricate replacement hose assemblies. 

The Onsite Container includes an inventory of hoses up to -24 size and is stocked with 90°, 45°, and straight fittings. It’s also equipped with precise cutting and marking tools, a Parker Parkrimp II Crimper and crimper dies. Furthermore, the Onsite Container inventory is supported by ParkerStores’ global distributor network. ParkerStore restocks the container to maintain the agreed-upon levels of specific items, with another 10,000 part numbers available within a one-day shipping time.

Parker Tracking Systesm (PTS)

The second Parker resource supporting MegaBots’ development is the Parker Tracking System, or PTS. The system uses a web-based application to generate a unique barcode for each hose assembly. The barcode, printed on a durable label, is affixed to a hose assembly when it is made. Scanning the barcode provides a precise specification for the assembly so an exact replacement can be readily made. This is a major advantage to MegaBots, because battles can take place anywhere in the world and access to new, perfectly matched replacement hose assemblies is as close as the nearest ParkerStore.

The combination of the ParkerStore global network, Onsite Container, and PTS enables the MegaBots team to move from concept to reality quickly and efficiently in their never-ending pursuit to build the perfect giant fighting robot.

Learn more about ParkerStore Onsite containers and Parker Tracking System in the video below:

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