Missed Pittcon 2013? A Simple Guide to the Industry Leading Lab Equipment Conference

Parker Hannifin recently attended Pittcon 2013 held in Philadelphia. With over 17,000 attendees, its a premier showcase for lab equipment and life science solutions. It is also the perfect place for Parker to showcase gas generation (Parker Balston and Parker domnick hunter) and our OEM system and sub system assemblies (Parker's Precision Fluidics Division.


A bright spot of the week was when Gases and Instrumentation Magazine presented the Golden Gas Award to  Kim Myers, Parker's Analytical Gas Generator Product Manager,  for the new Parker Balston H2PEM Hydrogen Generator.

Pittcon Through the Eyes of Attendees

Pittcon organizers made a large effort to introduce social media both to attendees and member companies. Several presentation sessions were provided to teach companies how to use social media and its benefits. We thought reporting on the event using several social media tools would help you get a feel for the people and conversations taking place.



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