New Dump Pump Revolutionizes the Dump Truck Market with a Small Frame

New Dump Pump Revolutionizes the Dump Truck Market with a Small Frame dump truck Pump & Motor DivisionFor decades, the dump truck industry has been relegated to two sizes of dump pumps; a larger, higher flowing (up to 27GPM) C Series pump, and a smaller, lower flowing (up to 16GPM) G series pump. The smaller size of the G series pump is ideal for trucks with automatic transmissions. New drivers in the truck market are less familiar with manual transmissions, creating a need for more automatics. However, using the G series pump means slower dump cycles for trucks outfitted with automatic transmissions, when compared to their manual counterparts. Slower dump cycles mean less material is being transported and more time is spent on-site, which can diminish profits.


What is causing this problem?

All dump pumps are connected to a power take-off unit (PTO), which is mounted to the truck’s transmission. The PTO draws power from the transmission and allocates it to the dump pump. The truck’s transmission is nestled between the frame rails of the truck chassis. On trucks with manual transmissions, the PTO and dump pump is mounted using an opening on the bottom of the transmission. However, on trucks with automatic transmissions, a PTO mount on the bottom side does not exist.

A New Challenger Has Entered the Dump Pump Game Super G Pump & Motor DivisionAutomatic transmissions typically have PTO mounts on their side, with limited space between the frame rails for installation. This design creates a space problem. The large C series cannot fit between the side mounting and the frame rails. To fix this problem, a smaller dump pump was designed to fit in the limited space. The G series dump pump produces less flow with a smaller valve, solving the space constraint issue, but resulting in a slower overall dump cycle time.


The game-changer

To close the gap between automatic and manual dump cycles, Parker's Pump & Motor Division has launched a new dump pump that combines the best of both designs into one; a mid-size pump with a larger, integrated dump valve, that can be mounted to automatic transmissions. As a high flowing pump with a smaller footprint, the new pump was deemed the Super G (SG102).

For ideal performance, Parker recommends pairing the Super G with the 280 Series PTO, and SG102 series pump support brackets from Parker Chelsea. Compatible and easy to access equipment means less time is spent on installation of the Super G, meaning that retrofits are quick and easy. Once installed, the Super G provides drivers using automatic transmissions, faster dump cycles, and greater productivity.


A New Challenger Has Entered the Dump Pump Game video screen shot Pump & Motor Division

The Pump & Motor Division is a market leader in gear pump and low speed-high torque gerotor motors, that continues to blaze a trail in the industry by developing new technologies while maintaining the high level of service synonymous with Parker. Between its two locations in North Carolina and Tennessee, the division employs decades of industry experience to better serve you and your application.



New Dump Pump Revolutionizes the Dump Truck Market with a Small Frame CT Lefler Pump & Motor DivisionThis article contributed by CT Lefler, marketing product manager and Makenzie NeeSmith, marketing intern, Pump & Motor Division, Parker Hannifin Corporation.





New Dump Pump Revolutionizes the Dump Truck Market with a Small Frame Makenzie NeeSmithPump & Motor Division







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