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New IIoT Sensors Debut

Parker to Debut New Products at Sensors Expo 2016 - SensoNODe gold - Parker Hannifin - Quick Coupling DivisionAs the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) continues to help drive technological innovation, Parker is rolling out new Cloud-based and high-strain sensors to the condition monitoring sensors market. Those new products will be on display at the MDM West Show in February 2017.

Parker will introduce new solutions to expo attendees at Booth #2413: SensoNODE™ Gold sensors, SCOUT™ Cloud software, and the SensoNODE High-Strain Sensor.

SensoNODE Gold

Being rolled out at the beginning of next year, SensoNODE Gold is the latest addition to the SensoNODE family and pushes the limits of condition monitoring farther than ever before.

As a Cloud-based wireless condition monitoring solution, asset health data is readily available anywhere anytime.

And with the new SCOUT™ Cloud software downloaded to a mobile device, users can access that information in the palm of their hand, whether they’re on the plant floor, aboard a flight, or meeting with clients overseas.

SensoNODE High-Strain Sensor

Parker to debut new products at Sensors Expo 2016Energy-efficient, lightweight, conformable, and durable, SensoNODE High-Strain sensors feature electroactive polymer technology (EAP); a stretchable polymer that takes accurate measurements and readings while being strained over 100% for millions of cycles. This technology creates new, innovative possibilities for:

  • Medical: Physical rehabilitation, monitoring vital functions, gauging motion
  • Wearables: Sports, fitness, training, gaming
  • Industrial: Elastomer joints and seals, conveyor systems, hydraulic accumulators, linear actuators, mechanical effectors, pneumatic cylinders


For more product information, visit our Parker Condition Monitoring website.


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