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New O-Ring eHandbook Provides a Premier User Experience

Parker Hannifin Corporation is launching a new, interactive digital reference guide to enhance and broaden the customer reach of the existing Parker O-Ring Handbook. For more than 50 years, the Parker O-Ring Handbook has been an engineering staple of the sealing industry.

“I’m constantly amazed and honored at how often I run across it in unexpected places,” says Dan Ewing, Sr. Chemical Engineer and Materials Manager at Parker O-Ring Division, “I've come to expect to see a well-used copy sitting on a customer's desk, but I'm pleasantly surprised when I find it cited in academic papers, referenced in reports written by government agencies and discussed in industry association meetings.”

Since its debut in 1957, the handbook has become a fixture on the reference shelves of engineers and seal specifiers worldwide. According to Steven Weinzierl, Ph. D., Parker's Global e-Business Customer Support Manager, "Parker's O-Ring Handbook is one of the world's most complete reference books for everything and anything related to the technology and application of O-rings. It is downloaded thousands of times a month from Parker's website, making it one of Parker's most downloaded knowledge assets." Weinzierl observes, "This new, interactive version should significantly increase the accessibility of this outstanding resource."

Parker is strengthening its dedication to premier customer service by enhancing its commitment to digital tools and communications. Ewing says, “The new eHandbook takes the next step in enhancing the customer experience by transforming the static PDF version of the handbook into an interactive and more user-friendly tool.”

Key Components:

  • Short, engaging animations
  • Snippets of real material test procedures
  • Direct links to accelerate the sales process
  • Online Chat with an Engineer capability within each page
  • Design analysis via Mobile inPHorm™ (Parker’s O-Ring Calculator)

The O-Ring eHandbook is expected to bridge the generation gap, filling the need for all learning and reference styles. The original formats of the printed catalog and searchable pdf will still remain available via Parker’s Catalog Services and the O-Ring Division website. The O-Ring eHandbook will provide visual learning, interesting excerpts and summarized information that makes finding what you need effortless. New content will be added as needed and because the format is web-based, content updates will become quicker and more efficient. "I like the simplicity the eHandbook brings to O-ring design and material selection," says Dorothy Kern, Parker O-Ring Division Applications Engineering Manager. "The original handbook is rich with details for all elements of O-ring design, but 292 pages can be overwhelming to a new engineer. The eHandbook simplifies the main design concepts and utilizes updated graphics to illustrate just the highlights, making it a great resource."

For more information on the O-Ring eHandbook or other Parker O-Ring Division support tools, contact the experts at the O-Ring Division online or directly at 859-335-5101. 


    This article is contributed by Samantha J Sexton, Marketing Communications Manager,

    Parker Hannifin O-Ring Division.





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