Nine FAQs About Watermaker Installation and Maintenance

Nine FAQs About Watermaker Installation and Maintenance - Viking Yacht - Parker HannifinPleasure craft owners and commercial ship staff rely on watermakers for their supply of purified water for drinking and process applications. Watermakers remove salt and contaminants from sea and brackish water. They offer a continuous supply and a cost-effective alternative to other sources of water.

Are you thinking about purchasing a Parker watermaker or do you have questions about how they are installed and maintained? To help, we've compiled a list of our most frequently asked questions. 


Nine FAQs About Watermaker Installation and Maintenance - Watermaker FAQ Sheet - Parker Hannifin


To read all 39 frequently asked questions, download the complete FAQ sheet.





What are the installation requirements? 

  • Dedicated thru-hull Inlet fitting and sea cock valve. 
  • Overboard thru-hull discharge fitting. 
  • Product water tank fill line connection. 
  • Electrical circuit breaker and electrical wiring. 

Where on the boat can the watermaker be installed? 

  • Anywhere. The typical choice is the engine room, but lazarettes, closets, under settees or any other available space is acceptable. 

What size thru-hull is required? 

  • From ½" to 1", depending on the system. 

Is above water line installation possible?

  • Yes, the system may be above water level, however, the booster pump (supplied with the system) should be below the water line.


What are the pre- or post-treatment chemicals and options? 

  • Pre or post-treatment chemicals are NOT required for the Sea Water Marine Systems. 
  • Pre and post-filtration options are available such as oil water separators, and ultraviolet sterilizers for use in dirty harbors. 

What is the maintenance or service requirement? 

  • Easy and inexpensive pre-filter cleaning or changing, 500-hour oil changes and 2,000-hour seal maintenance. 
  • Step-by-step maintenance and service are explained in the owner’s manual. 

What are the typical maintenance costs? 

  • When regularly used, this averages less than ½ penny per gallon of water produced and can vary depending on the condition of the feed water. 

What is the filter changing and cleaning requirement? 

  • Pre-filter cleaning or changing frequency depends on the clarity of the feed water and is required when the system automatically shuts off at 6 psi inlet pressure. 

Is there a changing and cleaning requirement for the reverse osmosis (R.O.) membrane element?

  • Nine FAQs About Watermaker Installation and Maintenance - Reverse osmosis membranes - Parker HannifinReverse osmosis membrane cleaning is as needed and is typically on the average once every 2 years. R.O. membranes last an average of 5 years and can last up to 10 years with proper maintenance and care. 
  • The FWF extends pre-filter and R.O. membrane life.


Parker watermakers reduce the time, physical effort and concern related to assuring a continuous supply of fresh water on your vessel. Installation and maintenance are easy and require little time, leaving users more time for other activities while aboard. Parker products are backed by a dedicated, highly trained support team and over 350 sales and service dealers worldwide.

Nine FAQs About Watermaker Installation and Maintenance - Download the Watermaker FAQ sheet - Parker HannifinTo read all 39 watermaker FAQs, download the complete FAQ sheet.



Nine FAQs About Watermaker Installation and Maintenance - Paul Kamel, product manager - Parker HannifinThis article was contributed by Paul Kamel, product manager II, Parker Bioscience and Water Filtration.





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