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New Material nobrox Increases Design Freedom for Seals and Engineered Components

Parker-Prädifa has developed nobrox®: a new, versatile material that opens up new avenues in sealing technology. This new product is equally well suited for engineered components in diverse industrial and consumer goods.

The material exhibits excellent wear resistance, chemical resistance and resilience, reliability, ease of assembly and economy.


Extensive range of application

nobrox® is suitable for sealing, guiding and anti-extrusion elements in hydraulics and many other sealing technology applications. Consider for engineered components without a sealing function in a wide range of industrial equipment and consumer goods: from automotive engineering to food and pharmaceuticals production. 


Benefits at a glance

Extensive design freedom thanks to unique combination of the material’s properties:

  • outstanding wear resistance 
  • media resistance 
  • permeation properties 
  • excellent resilience

Easy, robust installation system integration of multiple functionalities (e.g. sealing, guiding, carrier/housing element). Economy nobrox® provides an attractive alternative to PA, POM, PE, etc., depending on the application profile.


Key characteristics compared with other materials

For engineered components, a comparison with polyamides would seem natural, albeit with two major differences. The water absorption of nobrox® is significantly lower and its ultimate elongation clearly higher. Consequently, nobrox® components have greater dimensional stability, as there are no variations in moisture absorption that might result in variances. Additionally, they are more resistant to heavy or sudden loads. Compared with PEEK plastics, which are very resistant as well, nobrox® is clearly more elastic. Less costly than PEEK, nobrox® might be referred to as “PEEK light.” As such, nobrox® offers similarly outstanding benefits as PEEK, a material that has been equally known for high performance and relatively high cost.













Application-specific modification and economy

Compounds of the new nobrox® family of materials can be precisely adapted to the relevant customer requirements such as friction, pressure and temperature conditions, as well as media resistance. The seals and engineered components are produced in a very cost-efficient manufacturing process which is reflected in a favorable cost-benefit ratio for the customer. Additional cost benefits for the user result from the long service life, as well as robust and easy assembly of seals and engineered components made of nobrox®.


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Article contributed by Thomas Braun, marketing and engineering manager,
 Engineered Materials Group, Packing Division Europa







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