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Non-Welded Piping Solutions for Oil and Gas Applications

Non-Welded Piping Solutions for Oil and Gas ApplicationsWhen assembling piping systems for offshore oil and gas applications, particularly those occurring in deep water where extreme pressure presents unique challenges, there are three factors which are of critical importance: safety, speed, and durability. All three of these goals can be addressed and the arduous welding process can be avoided by connecting pipes with Phastite for Pipe, Parker’s non-welded pipe connection system for high-pressure piping.

Safety at the forefront

Without careful planning, a welding process can sometimes feel like the perfect storm of potentially unsafe situations. A non-welded system for high-pressure piping cuts down on the time needed for each connection and reduces the risk of injury.

Utilizing pre-assembled fittings with no loose parts and connecting them with Phastite eliminates the safety hazards associated with open-flame welding, radiography or x-rays, and airborne chromium exposure.

Speed and reliability

Welding a typical connection can take up to 30 minutes per joint. Using Phastite, an entire assembly can be completed in 10 minutes; a non-welded system for high-pressure piping applications can be assembled in minutes instead of hours. In addition, the time consuming and costly examination processes typically associated with welded pipe connections, such as radiography, liquid dye penetrant or x-ray inspection, can be eliminated.

Non-Welded Piping Solutions for Oil and Gas Applications - Phastite for PipePhastite enables significantly reduced assembly time over traditional welding, and the rugged constructions of the connections are made to stand up to most high-pressure hydraulic systems, including dynamic working pressures of 6,000 PSI and static pressures up to 10,000 PSI. This assembly can also perform at depths of up to 15,000 feet.

This unparalleled durability is attributed to all stainless steel construction and metal-to-metal sealing with locking teeth, which makes the connection secure around the entire outer diameter of the pipe. Phastite produces a mechanically attached, permanent solution.

Proven durability

The Phastite system has gone through rigorous qualification testing overseen by the most respected organizations around the globe and has earned the highest level of approval offered by DNV-GL for subsea qualification to prove its performance and reliability. The tests include:

  • Impulse and hydrostatic burst

  • Vibration

  • Bending

  • Tension

  • Torsion

  • Corrosion

  • Hydrogen-induced stress cracking

  • Stress corrosion cracking

Added resistance to corrosion

By cutting welding out of the equation and using stainless steel, corrosion becomes almost non-existent. First, exposure at the welding joints no longer exists. Second, the stainless steel itself is highly resistant to corrosion, thus reducing the risk of system failure as the pipeline ages.

Improved flange connection

Designed to perform at extreme depths, Parker's Dual Seal Flange Adapters make pipeline connections with 4-bolt flanges. Dual Flange Adapters incorporate both radial and face seal technologies, reducing the potential for system leakage and air or water ingression caused by side loading of traditional flange face seal connections, and offering improved sealing and port retention.

Parker’s Dual Seal Flange Adapters improve the reliability of high vibration, high-shock hydraulic four bolt connections in critical oil and gas applications.

To learn more about Parker's non-welded piping solutions for oil and gas applications watch our video, or please visit our Parker Tube Fitting Division website for more information.



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