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Oil and Gas: Monitor Chemical Mixing Wirelessly

Oil and Gas: Monitor Mixing WirelesslyThe oil and gas industry works with numerous chemicals during drilling processes, some of which can be under high pressure.

A recent customer needed a solution that allowed workers to measure the pressure levels of chemicals used in its mixing process to ensure that the proper amounts of the chemicals were mixed to meet specific requirements.

The application itself posed the biggest challenge. Depending on the situation, anywhere from three to four chemicals could be mixed at a time and pumped into holes at drill sites. The customer had been using wired gauges that require a power source. Because the chemicals are under pressure as high as 7,000 to 8,000 psi, this created a significant safety issue.


The solution

Oil and Gas: Monitor Chemical Mixing WirelesslyTo keep workers at a safer distance from the potentially dangerous area, the customer needed a way to monitor the pressure levels wirelessly and accurately. After porting a two-inch high-pressure flow device to the mixing equipment, the client installed three SensoNODE™ Blue pressure sensors at key points on the equipment. Workers installed SCOUT™ Mobile software on their mobile devices, allowing them to track and record pressure levels from a safe distance.

In addition to creating a safer work environment, SensoNODE Blue sensors and SCOUT Mobile software allowed workers to:

  • directly and accurately monitor pressure with real-time or historic trends;

  • identify and resolve issues before they escalated to problems that lead to downtime; and

  • receive user-defined alerts on their mobile devices, warning them of any dramatic pressure drops or spikes.


Customer value

With the success of replacing the difficult-to-use wired diagnostic devices with SensoNODE sensors and SCOUT software, the end-user is now exploring other ways to make the chemical mixing process faster, stronger, and safer with wireless products.

Download our SensoNODE Product bulletin or visit our website on condition monitoring for more on how use SensoNODE sensors and SCOUT software as a diagnostic solution for your mobile vehicles.


Oil and Gas: Monitor Chemical Mixing Wirelessly - Dan Davis Parker Hannifin

Contributed by Dan Davis, product sales manager for SensoNODE Sensors and SCOUT Software, Parker Hannifin.






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