Oil Drying System Ideal for the Power Generation Market

An Oil Drying System Ideal for the Power generation Market - Parker Hannifin  Energy SystemsOil dryers are used in a variety of power generation applications including lubrication systems for steam and gas turbines and gas engines, gearboxes, and hydraulic and seal monitoring systems. High temperatures, water, and oxygen significantly deteriorate oil and decrease performance. For example, water in the system leads to etched and pitted surfaces and forms abrasive iron oxides that accelerate the wear on metal components. Incorporating a dryer into the system eliminates these pollutants, which minimizes maintenance and downtime and improves overall reliability.


All oil dryers are not created equal

When it comes to choosing a dryer for these applications, power gen companies require solutions that deliver the highest level of oil purity, while keeping the overall cost of ownership low and minimizing the equipment's environmental impact. With lubrication systems, it is also essential the dryer is suitable for mineral and biodegradable oils.


A solution designed for power generation

An Oil Drying System Ideal for the Power Generation Market - N2 NitroDry - Parker HannifinWorking alongside customers in the power generation industry, Parker's Engineered System Solutions Division developed a compact dryer with minimal power consumption and easy integration. The N2 NitroDry is a new compressed nitrogen dryer ideal for use in lube oil systems.

"Corrosion, sludge, varnish and impaired oil flow are costly side effects of oil deterioration. The N2 NitroDry solution integrates easily into hydraulic, lubrication and control systems, preventing these contaminants and improving performance. We've worked closely with our customers to create a drying solution specifically designed for the efficiency needs of the power generation market. This dryer generates minimal heat and consumes ultra-low power while extending system life and decreasing maintenance."   

Marc van Deth, business development manager for the Parker Energy team.


How does the N2 NitroDry work?

NNitroDry removes oil vapor, ozone, oxygen and water vapor from compressed air to produce very clean nitrogen. The nitrogen then enters an injector and infuses into the fluid, expelling water and dissolved oxygen from the oil.  Depending on the application, NNitroDry re-enters the oil into the system from the storage tank or re-enters the nitrogen injector for another loop, further removing water to a very low level.

An Oil Drying System Ideal for the Power Generation Market - N2 NitroDry System setup diagram - Parker Hannifin Energy Systems


Differentiating features of the N2 NitroDry

  • Consumes 1.6 kVA nominal power

  • Generates minimal heat (<500 Watt)

  • Offers an input voltage of 380-690V (50-60 Hz) and a flow rate of 2x4 dm3/min

  • Ensures 95% nitrogen content

  • Incorporates very few rotating or moving parts for high durability


Download the brochure for more information about the N2 NitroDry.








Parker's newest dryer can be configured with and without pumps and controls and is available in a mobile version. Additional options include an oil moisture sensor, oil condition sensor, particle counter, and debris sensor. Custom options are available upon request.

"Parker designed this dryer to be extremely versatile, even mobile, with a range of sensor and monitoring options. Its compact size and energy efficiency make it a powerful option for companies looking to decrease maintenance time and costs."

Marc van Deth, business development manager for the Parker Energy team.


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An Oil Drying System Ideal for the Power generation Market - Mark van Deth - Business Development Manager Parker Hannifin Energy teamArticle contributed by Marc van Deth is the business development manager for the Parker Energy team.






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