Operational Initiatives Target Zero Defects and On-Time Delivery

Operational Initiatives Target Zero Defects and On Time Delivery - Parker Strategic Initiatives Graphic - Parker AerospaceParker Aerospace is dedicated to continual improvement to assure even greater customer satisfaction and operational excellence. To do this, Parker Aerospace recently unveiled quality and performance initiatives that will drive the company toward zero defects and 100 percent on-time delivery to meet and exceed customer expectations. The improvements implemented include:

  • Program management
  • Line items shipped complete (LISC)
  • Zero defects program (ZDP)

Program management:  Supporting customer satisfaction and profitability

Making progress in complex projects that include the design, manufacture, delivery, and support of aerospace equipment is a challenging task under the best of circumstances. That is why Parker Aerospace has established its Program Management Office (PMO) for the purpose of ensuring projects are completed to the satisfaction of its customers and in a way that ensures profitability.

Cross functional team of experts

Operational Initiatives Target Zero Defects and On Time Delivery - Parker PMO Team of Experts- Parker AerospaceThe PMO is overseen by a program management leadership council consisting of leaders from each of Parker Aerospace’s seven operating divisions as well as representation from human resources, information technology, engineering, and lean product development departments to ensure diversity and expertise from multiple functional areas of the organization. The PMO is supported by 170 program managers, project managers, and project planning and control analysts from across the Parker Aerospace operating group.


Since its creation in 2010, the Parker Aerospace PMO has implemented strategic processes and procedures, including an earned value management (EVM) methodology to provide insights into the factors driving execution and profitability through data analysis. The EVM process delivers clarity to the standardized metrics to help assess the health of projects and programs, drive decision-making, and identify where corrective actions are necessary.

“Parker Aerospace counts on its program management team to ensure that our business projects are executed smoothly and efficiently, in support of our customers’ requests ...This standardized process has direct and significant impact on our business success and profitability.”

— Barry Draskovich, group vice president of program and contract management, Parker Aerospace

Investment in people

The PMO team realized it needed the right people with the right skills. This meant requiring Project Management Institute (PMI) certification for key personnel to increase competency levels. Prior to the PMO, only 18 percent of project and program managers held a PMI certification. Today, that number stands at 100 percent.

“Our entire strategy revolves around people. Without people, you can have the best processes in the world, you can have the best tools in the world, but you’re not going to be able to get the job done”

— Barry Draskovich, group vice president of program and contract management, Parker Aerospace


LISC 6 initiative: Driving the flow of value to the customer

Parker Aerospace was looking to make a next-level leap in excellence to improve the operations of its design and manufacturing divisions to ensure better quality and performance. 

Starting with the metric of line items shipped complete – or LISC – where success is measured in the number of perfect products shipped on time, Parker Aerospace added six initiatives intended to support and measure its LISC effort. The six core items within LISC 6 consist of:

  1. Sales and operations planning (S&OP)
  2. A plan for every part – inventory optimization (PFEP)
  3. Finished goods supermarket and pull
  4. Supplier management
  5. Lead-time compression
  6. Six sigma quality

“Our customers have extremely high quality, delivery, and cost expectations ... LISC 6 touches every aspect of the organization, moving it toward perfect products, delivered 100 percent on time, while satisfying customer cost targets. LISC 6 is working extremely well for us. We have 10 value streams now delivering at 100 percent, and 20 over 98 percent. Inventory levels in those value streams have increased their turns by as much as 40 percent and first-pass yield and RPPM performance are improving as we target six-sigma level quality. We will continue our deployment in the coming fiscal year and hope to triple the number of value streams utilizing all of the LISC6 tools.”

— Guy Martin, group vice president of operations, Parker Aerospace


Zero defects program: Zeroing in on quality to eliminate defects

Operational Initiatives Target Zero Defects and On Time Delivery - Zero Defects Graphic - Parker AerospaceParker Aerospace’s Zero Defects Program (ZDP) supports the six sigma pillar of its LISC 6 effort. ZDP applies metrics to every aspect of the value chain, from raw materials and suppliers through design, production, shipping, and support. The program is designed to continually examine process metrics to detect issues, or quality “escapes”, that can result in defective products.

In examining process metrics, Parker Aerospace’s ZDP strives to eliminate past quality events from recurring while predicting and preventing emergent escapes, whether within Parker’s operations or in the supply chain. It also assists in managing the change that is inevitable in the value chain, while pushing the product design phase toward a goal of “designing right the first time”.

“The Parker Aerospace Zero Defects Program responds to the FAA’s and our customers’ requirements of ongoing quality improvement ... In fact, many of our customers are striving to reduce defects to zero in their own organizations and have given us positive feedback on our approach. ZDP is a method, or pathway, for us to achieve six sigma quality, allowing us to identify and manage known variables while predicting risks and managing unknown variables.”

— Bill Schmiege, group vice president of integrity, Parker Aerospace


Parker Aerospace is dedicated to continuous improvement — employing practices, tools, and metrics across the organization to ensure quality, performance and customer satisfaction.


Operational Initiatives Target Zero Defects and On Time Delivery - Brian King, ebusiness manager, Parker AerospaceThis post was contributed by Brian King, ebusiness manager, Parker Aerospace





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