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ORACLE TEAM USA Partners with Parker for America’s Cup 2017

Parker Partners with ORACLE TEAM USA for 2017 America’s CupParker recently announced its partnership with ORACLE TEAM USA to design and implement hydraulic control systems on its America’s Cup racing yachts. Parker will customize proven aerospace and industrial technologies to a marine environment to help make ORACLE’s boats ‘fly.’

Parker is a leader in motion and control. ORACLE Racing is a leader in ‘flying boats.’ Together, these teams will work to implement cutting edge technologies that will take the America’s Cup competition to a new level of excellence, while hopefully creating the fastest catamaran in the world.

Parker is not new to the America’s Cup. In fact, involvement in the Cup is a big part of our history. Pat Parker, former CEO, was a sailing enthusiast and advocate of our involvement in sailing technology. And while we have supported many America’s Cup campaigns, this partnership with ORACLE is our most significant involvement yet.

Similar to commercial aircraft, racing yachts literally take flight when they lift out of the water on hydrofoils. To make this happen requires an intricate system of controls and technologies, which also optimize performance and speed.

Nearly every actuator and moving surface on ORACLE’s boat has been redesigned using Parker products. Hydraulic actuation will provide motion and control for the daggarboard and sail. Position sensing systems and the IQAN controller will provide the ‘brains’ of the operation, and pumps and motors will provide the hydraulic power that will be used to move all surfaces and sails on the boat.

This integrated system will help the boat achieve stability as it lifts onto its foils, accelerates and flies- hopefully leading ORACLE TEAM USA to another win in 2017. 

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Myron Uehlein
My son has been working at Parker for 3 years now. We are from the Cleveland, OH area but he relocated to Spartanburg, SC I have been a huge Americas Cup fan going back to the Ted Turner days. I also am interested in pics of Great Lakes freighters. I have been trying to find pics with Oracle and the Parker name visible. I download and sometimes post to pinterest. If you could direct towards any links would be greatly appreciated.
Wendy Soucie

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