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Overmolding Technology Enhances Safety of Single-Use Systems

Overmolding Technology Enhances Safety of Single Use System Parker PraedifaSingle-use systems (SUS) for up- and downstream processing in the pharmaceutical industry have become widely accepted in recent years due to their advantages in many operations, such as vaccine production. Parker Prädifa has extended its in-house overmolding technology and offers process engineering solutions specifically focused on these systems. 


Essentially, the single-use approach aims to deliver sterile, ready-to-use systems based on plastic and rubber components directly to the user’s production environment. The systems then only have to be connected and can be disposed of after they have been utilized. This eliminates the need for complex logistics, cleaning procedures and assembly of the single components. Furthermore, this approach provides higher flexibility in production processes and reduces capital expenditures.   


Avoidance of system leakage

In addition to the targeted selection of the components, absence of leakage plays a major role, especially during downstream operations. In this context the basic rule applies that the closer the relevant process is located to the stage of final filling, the higher the potential damage caused by system leakage, as the substances have already passed through a production process of several months before reaching the final filling stage. Therefore, when assembling the aforementioned components into a SUS, cable ties or comparable alternatives should not be used in the final filling stage or preceding processes, as these interfaces are a frequent cause of leakage.


Overmolding as an alternative to conventional connection technologies

OVermolding Technology Enhances Safety of Single-Use Systems

With its overmolding technology Parker Prädifa offers a reliable alternative for connecting tubes by means of T, Y or X modules for silicone and TPE materials and has the additional capability of overmolding various plastic components such as connectors or filters. So-called reduction overmolding for reliable and leakage-free connection of tubes having different outer diameters, as well as customer-specific solutions such as the connection of bags to tube systems or overmolding of plastic containers in the area of the closure cap to prevent the cap from opening, are possible as well. 


Application and product overview

Overmolding Technology Enhances Safety of Single-Use Systems


















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Overmolding Technology Enhances Safety of Single Use Systems

Article contributed by
Berthold Röhrich
Market Unit Manager Life Sciences
Engineered Materials Group Europe
Prädifa Technology Division




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