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Parker’s High-Strain Displacement Sensor Wins Gold at Sensors Midwest

Parker’s High-Strain Wins Gold at Sensors Midwest | Sensors Award Dan Shannon| FCG_QCDParker Hannifin is pleased to announce that it received the Gold Award for its new High-Strain Displacement Sensor at the Best of Sensors Midwest Awards. The Awards recognize new and innovative products in sensor technology and the Internet of Things (IoT).

Utilizing Parker’s Electroactive Polymer (EAP) Technology, the High-Strain Displacement sensor is a thin, lightweight, stretchable, rubber band-like device that offers a unique capability to take accurate and precisely measured strains of over 100% for millions of cycles.

When presenting the award, Mat Dirjish, executive editor of Sensors Magazine said, “Unique designs are many, but when a novel design appears that impresses visually, but also delivers precision results over a very long lifecycle, we take notice.”


Extensive potential for multiple applications

Parker’s High-Strain Wins Gold at Sensors Midwest | EAP Plant | FCG_QCDOur High-Strain Displacement sensors have applications in industrial settings, including elastomer joints, conveyer systems, linear actuators, hydraulic accumulators and pneumatic cylinders.


“When you compare Parker’s High-Strain to typical strain sensors, the difference in range measurement is exponential. There is simply nothing like it in the marketplace. The rugged silicon rubber can stand up to extreme temperatures and conditions, and the sensors can be twisted, bent, dropped, or stepped on with no adverse effect.” 

David Shannon, business team manager, Parker Hannifin


Parker’s High-Strain Wins Gold at Sensors Midwest | EAP Wearables | FCG_QCD"While their ruggedness makes the High-Strain Displacement sensors well suited for industrial applications, they are also soft and conformable, opening the potential for use in medical and wearable applications," Shannon says.

“We are constantly discovering new and exciting ways to take advantage of the high-strain capability of these sensors, from flexible joints and production lines to more ‘human’ applications, like health care, physical rehabilitation, sports and fitness,” Shannon says. “Our team is proud of the work we’ve done thus far and we are thankful to Sensors Midwest for honoring that work with this award.”

For more information on our sensor products and applications, please visit: our Electroactive Polymer (EAP) Technology website for more details.

Attending MDM West Show?

Parker representatives will be on-hand at the Medical Device and Manufacturing West Show (MDMWest), February 7-9, in Anaheim, CA, at booth #2413 to demonstrate the versatility of SensoNODE Gold sensors and SCOUT Cloud software, as well as SensoNODE Blue sensors and SCOUT Mobile software – Parker’s Bluetooth-powered condition monitoring solution that’s perfect for on-site asset condition monitoring and diagnostics.


High Strain Sensor Wins Gold at Sensors Midwest - David Shannon, business team manager, Parker Quick Coupling Division

Contributed by David Shannon, business team manager, Parker Hannifin, Quick Coupling Division





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