Parker Balston Extends Warranty on All Industrial Nitrogen Generators

Parker Balston Extends Warranty on All Industrial Nitrogen Generators - db 30 nitrogen gas generator - Parker BalstonCustomers that purchase and install a Parker Nitrogen Generator with a Parker air dryer (refrigerated or desiccant) or another dryer system that supplies compressed air to ISO8573-1 3.2.2 will receive an additional 12 months warranty. Therefore the total warranty due to defects in materials or workmanship will be for 24 months from installation or 30 months from date of shipment, whichever is shorter.

Built to strict quality standards

Manufactured to Parker’s strict quality standards, the Parker gas generators have proven reliable in over 50,000 installs globally. In addition to the core technology of gas separation with PSA or Membrane technology, Parker also manufactures all the internal components including filters, valves, regulators, fittings and tubing. These generators comply with FDA requirements and are used in numerous industries including Wine Production, Snack Foods and Coffee Packaging, Metal Working, Electronics, Oil and Gas and many others. 

Onsite nitrogen generation is cost effective

Many plants are unaware of the costs incurred to source nitrogen from a traditional gas supply company. In addition to the cost of the nitrogen itself, there are usually

  • Delivery fees
  • HAZMAT fees 
  • Rental costs 

Gas companies manufacture nitrogen using cryogenics to cool air to temperatures below -321F (-196C), then the nitrogen is packaged and shipped over the road to customers using diesel trucks. On site nitrogen generation is a cost effective, green alternative to traditional supply of nitrogen.

Parker Hannifin was a pioneer in new product creation and market development in lab gas generation in the mid 1980’s when customers were looking for alternatives to heavy gas cylinders and liquid nitrogen dewars in their laboratories. Our engineers went on to develop products for creating pure gases from compressed air for demanding laboratory applications. Using that expertise, Parker’s attention quickly turned to the industrial sector which had the same needs for pure, clean nitrogen only on a larger scale.


This post was contributed by David Connaughton, product manager,  Nitrogen Generation Systems, and Jennifer Fiorello, Gas Generation Technology Blog Team Member - Parker Hannifin




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