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Parker Chomerics Earns 2018 Outstanding Quality Supplier Award from FCA

Parker Chomerics Quality Supplier 2018 FCA Award_Parker Chomerics Earns 2018 Outstanding Quality Supplier Award from FCA_Parker CHOWe're thrilled to announce that the Chomerics Division of Parker Hannifin Corporation, the global leader in motion and control technologies, has been recognized for its outstanding quality by global vehicle manufacturer Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) for both its production part and Mopar® unique parts partnership for the calendar year 2018.

This award, which specifically refers to Parker Chomerics Engineered Plastics Solutions business unit in Fairport, NY, has been awarded because of Parker Chomerics’ excellent performance as an FCA supplier.

In a letter from Scott Thiele, head of purchasing and supply chain for FCA North America, Thiele emphasizes Parker Chomerics’ “exceptional performance and dedication to excellence.” The letter goes on to detail how Parker Chomerics has achieved outstanding quality on a variety of metrics from production, to warranty, and the development of a stringent quality management system.



“Congratulations to the entire Fairport team, this is a great accomplishment. We are so honored to be among the very few that receive this coveted award. My hat goes off to the entire team for their dedication and collaboration throughout the year.”

David Hill, Parker Chomerics global general manager


Parker Chomerics Engineered Plastic Solutions business unit in Fairport, NY, located 10 miles outside of Rochester, NY, heavily utilizes robotics and automation to achieve high quality and delivery standards for many industries.



For more information on Parker Chomerics products, visit our website or download our Engineered Custom Injection Molded Plastics Solutions brochure. 

Jarrod Cohen




This blog was contributed by Jarrod Cohen, marketing communications manager, Parker Chomerics Division.




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