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Parker Etoy Employees Raise 10,000 CHF for Local Charity

Parker Etoy Employees Raise 10,000 CHF for Local Charity - Presentation to The Lavingny Institution - Parker EMEATo celebrate Parker’s centennial anniversary, employees of Parker Etoy united and laced up their sneakers to raise funds for a local charity, The Lavigny Institution. 

Since 1906, The Lavigny Institution has been committed to providing asylum to the sick and disabled. Lavigny has employed over eight hundred people at sites including schools, sheltered workshops, a hospital and shelters for those with disabilities. All employees are highly trained in fostering positive growth in the emotional, physical, intellectual, spiritual and social lives of those they work with. Private aid and charitable contributions make it possible for Lavigny to continue their work.


The event

Parker Etoy Employees Raise 10,000 CHF for Local Charity - Parker Etoy Facility - Parker EMEAVéronique Bugliari, director of human resources, and members of Parker’s social responsibility and wellness teams organized the charity run/walk that was held on June 9th, 2017, and took place on the grounds of Parker's headquarters in Etoy, Switzerland. The team set up a one-kilometer track that each employee could run or walk, with the goal of reaching one hundred kilometers. Parker pledged to donate one hundred franks per each kilometer completed. 



The results

Parker Etoy Employees Raise 10,000 CHF for Local Charity - Participating Employees - Parker EMEAOverall, the day was a rousing success. Feedback from the employees who participated was quite positive, citing that the weather was great and that the atmosphere of collaboration towards a common goal that would go towards a good cause made for a wonderful experience. At the end of the day, the Parker team was proud to have raised 10,000 CHF to donate to The Lavigny Institution. At the presentation ceremony, Joachim Guhe, President of Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA) Group, gave a speech thanking all the employees for their participation. 


“We have been working together with Lavigny on various projects since we arrived here in Etoy in 2010 ... This is a real win-win situation as we are getting professional services we need, which provides occupations for the people at Lavigny ... Thanks to all who participated. We are pleased to contribute to Lavigny's work.”

— Joachim Guhe, President - Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA) Group


Parker Etoy Employees Raise 10,000 CHF for Local Charity - Parker Centennial - Parker EMEATo learn more about Parker's rich history, please visit the Centennial website.






Parker Etoy Employees Raise 10,000 CHF for Local Charity - Veronique Bugliari, Director of Human Resources - Parker EMEAThis blog was contributed by Véronique Bugliari, director of human resources, Parker EMEA.





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