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Parker Italy Celebrates 100 Years of Talent

Parker Italy Celebrates 100 Years of Talent - tabiano 1 - Parker Italia

Parker Italy recently held its “Talents” meeting bringing together a group of team members who have shown great promise from across the country’s locations for the third edition of “We Are Talent,” a two-day workshop where participants develop, perform and produce a video to share an important message with their colleagues.

This year, to celebrate Parker’s 100th anniversary, team members focused on three key themes for their video:

  • The Past: What has made Parker great within their country over the past 100 years?
  • The Future: What could make it even greater in the next 100?
  • Talents’ Commitment: How would they actively contribute to Parker’s future growth and success?

Parker Italy Celebrates 100 Years of Talent - tabiano 2

Team members kicked off the workshop sharing the results of earlier brainstorming sessions before moving on to staging and role playing with the ideas that emerged.


The history of Parker is made of people moved by the desire to explore the unknown and to discover new and better ways to advance the industry. This ambition to continuously innovate and improve made Parker the world's leading diversified manufacturer of motion and control technologies.



Parker’s centennial marks the starting point for another 100 years of success, fueled by the commitment and creativity of its team members. 

Parker Italy Celebrates 100 Years of Talent - tabiano 3 - Parker Italia


Parker Italy’s Talents are committed to the Win Strategy and all it represents. They will continually seek new ways to contribute to the advancement of the company, focusing on teamwork, resilience, and enthusiasm to make a positive impact on the world.

View the commemorative anniversary “We Are Talents” video to see these key themes in action


In addition to the time taken for networking and the identification of development assignments available within the organization, participants took the time to reflect on what is required of them to make the Win Strategy something all employees embrace and adhere to for continued success over the next 100 years. 

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Article contributed by Liliana Cozzi, country HR director – Parker Italy.

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