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Parker Matches Team Member Donations in Response to Hurricane Florence

Hurricane Florence ResponseDevastating flooding continues to affect victims of Hurricane Florence in the Carolinas after the storm dumped an estimated 10 trillion gallons of water across the region. Many roads are still impassable, continuing to create additional challenges for the relief effort.

The generosity of 252 team members who submitted personal donations through Parker’s American Red Cross employee giving portal, will be matched by the Parker Foundation to provide over $35,000 to assist in the recovery effort.

We are grateful that Parker’s team members and their families in the area are safe, although many have incurred property damage. Parker has several locations across North Carolina and South Carolina, representing all six of the company's operating groups. Some locations incurred power outages, minor roof leaks and flooding, but we are thankful that the impact to the Parker community in the Carolinas was relatively minor.

“It’s times like these that Parker’s caring and companionate culture shines through with acts of kindness for our team members in need, as well as the larger community impacted by the storm," noted Chairman and CEO Tom Williams in an email to the global Parker team.

The Red Cross is still working around the clock to provide shelter, food, comfort and other emergency support to victims of Hurricane Florence. More than 100 Red Cross food trucks are circulating through affected areas and 39 community shelters have accommodated nearly 2,500 people across the Carolinas.

Thank you to all of Parker’s caring team members who have contributed to the relief efforts.

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