Parker Teams Deploying IoT to Help Customers Improve Operations

Parker Teams Deploying IoT to Help Customers Improve Operations - VOM logo- Parker Voice of the Machine IoT is driving solutions providers like Parker to develop innovative new products and technologies that help customers work more efficiently and improve their bottom line. But while some businesses have already committed the time and resources to invest in IoT, others may be having trouble figuring out where to begin. At Parker, it started with our teams deploying IoT at work.


Where it all began

Several years ago, we introduced the Voice of the Machine platform to ensure our IoT-empowered products and subsystems would all use the same communications standards and best practices. With each of our core technology solutions, customers are assured of component-level IoT solutions that are interoperable, secure, scalable and easy to use.

We also worked with the OPC Foundation and the Industrial Internet Consortium to support interoperability across IoT devices and platforms, including third-party technologies.

This open, cross-level of communication makes it easier and more cost-effective for customers to remotely monitor assets to improve safety and reduce risk, maintenance cost and downtime while uncovering hidden opportunities to improve efficiency.


Building your company's IoT road map

For a company that recognizes the benefits of IoT-enabled solutions but doesn’t know where to start, they just must answer a simple question: ‘What business challenge are we trying to solve?'

The blogs below represent a snapshot of IoT strategies, products, and systems that we have created and deployed for customers. Each started with challenging ourselves to design a motion control solution based on questions customers (and ourselves) were asking.


Building an IoT Offering to Maximize Value

We are well into a digital transformation that has caused us to rethink not only our connected products but also the way we deliver services and eBusiness. Given that transformations of this magnitude may only happen every 15 to 20 years, we have found there are some new motions and capabilities we needed to foster. With six operating groups that break out into 142 divisions, this is a significant task.


Customers Reap the Benefits of Colleagues Deploying IoT at Work | IoT enabled factory | Parker HannifinThe Internet of Things: How Your Company Can Get Ready

As technology fueling the Internet of Things (IoT) continues to advance at a rapid pace, data analytics presents an exciting opportunity for companies who want to build on their position as industry leaders and increase sales, profit, and market share. To position themselves for success, businesses will need to prepare for the changes that are necessary to begin implementing data analytics and IoT capabilities.


Taking IoT to the Last Mile by Listening to the “Voice of the Machine”

One of the biggest recent advancements in industrial manufacturing is the proliferation of sensors on all types of industrial equipment, from connectors, hose and tubing to pumps, motors, actuators, and filters. Data from these sensors creates enormous opportunity to transform the way industrial equipment is operated and maintained. 


Customers Reap the Benefits of Colleagues Deploying IoT at Work | Digital Plant | Parker HannifinHow to Easily Connect Users to the Digital Plant

IoT has given way to breakthroughs in everything from safety and efficiency to better decision-making and increased revenue generation. In power generation, the rise of the digital plant is helping companies enhance productivity through digitization.



Customers Reap the Benefits of Colleagues Deploying IoT at Work | Smart Factory | Parker HannifinWhat is the Foundation for a Smart Factory?

Manufacturers are forming their own ideas and interpretations of what a ‘smart factory’ is and what they want it to do for them. But a common need is for critical components to have additional intelligence, enabling machine-to-machine communication and interaction. When trying to create a smart factory environment, it starts with the practical aspects such as overall system architecture.


Customers Reap the Benefits of Colleagues Deploying IoT at Work | Smart motion control system | Parker HannifinIs Industry 4.0 Driving the Need for Smarter Motion Control Products?

When machine builders select their motion control equipment to design the machines of tomorrow, there are several major points to consider; most notably logic, production and why connectivity is key.


How Does a Smart User Interface Improve Machine Efficiency?

We've been actively building a new presence in industrial internet platforms and ecosystems by developing a software solution for advanced and flexible user interface design. Customized and interactive user interface applications enable machine manufacturers to increase machine functionality and efficiency and to create new types of business.


Customers Reap the Benefits of Colleagues Deploying IoT at Work | wearable tracker | Parker HannifinWearables: Redefining the Potential of Healthcare Devices

From popular pedometers to life-changing glucose monitors, more and more people are adopting medical technologies they can wear. Even though wearable devices seem to be a shoe-in solution for monitoring our bodies and our activity levels, for a device to be successful, it should offer a genuine benefit and demonstrate the ability to improve quality of life.


Customers Reap the Benefits of Colleagues Deploying IoT at Work | Smart Service Tool Kit | Parker Hannifin34 Frequently Asked Questions on the Smart Service Tool Kit

With our recent introduction of the HVACR Smart Service Tool Kit for refrigerants, there have been many questions asked and answered. Let's review the ones pertaining to buying and general details. 





Want to learn more? Watch the video and see Voice of the Machine, the value of discrete IoT in action:



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