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Parker Veriflo CNG Dispensers Support Cleveland's Transition to CNG Buses

Parker Veriflo CNG Dispensers Support Cleveland's Transition to CNG BusesThe Greater Cleveland Regional Transit Authority (RTA) in Cleveland, Ohio recently unveiled the first of 90 new compressed natural gas (CNG) buses which will be added to its fleet this year, with 25 more to come in 2016.

Parker’s Veriflo Division will provide the Greater Cleveland RTA with several XF70 fast-fill CNG dispensers, an exceedingly safe and reliable system which the division has designed from the ground up using Parker valves, fittings, filters, hoses and other components.

"Parker is committed to supporting clean transportation and we are proud to work with local partners such as the Greater Cleveland RTA," said Tamara Horne, General Manager of Parker's Veriflo Division. "Natural gas provides significant benefits to the environment and the bottom line, and Parker's fast-fill fuel dispensers will help to make the transition from diesel as seamless as possible."

Veriflo’s CNG dispensers are currently being used to fuel truck and bus fleets worldwide, and the Greater Cleveland RTA installation is significant in that it represents the first commercial order in North America.

The transition to CNG is expected to save the Greater Cleveland RTA more than $200,000 over the life of each bus, while reducing annual emissions of CO2 by 100 tons. This will enable the fleet to decrease its overall greenhouse gas emissions by 30% by 2017, helping to improve air quality in the local community.

The CNG buses, which are replacing clean diesel buses that have reached the end of their useful life, were unveiled this spring in a ceremony at the Great Lakes Science Center in Cleveland. The event was attended by representatives from the City of Cleveland, Cuyahoga County, Parker, the Greater Cleveland RTA and the Great Lakes Science Center.

Read the full release from the Greater Cleveland RTA for additional information, and visit Parker Veriflo to learn more about the division’s fast-fill CNG dispensers. 

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