GVM Electric Motor Competes in Isle of Man Electric Motorcycle Race

Parker's GVM Electric Motor Competes in Isle of Man Electric Motorcycle Race-GVM Traction motor-Electromechanical Division Automation Group

Parker’s high performance Global Vehicle Motor (GVM) electric motor has been tested through many electric vehicle competitions, but one race happening June 10, 2015 on the Isle of Man in the Irish Sea will be unparalleled in its performance demands. In fact, the Isle of Man Tourist Trophy (TT) race is considered one of the most demanding races in the world for electric motorcycles. It involves one lap around the island’s 37.73 mile Mountain Course.


Victory Racing chose Parker to help professional rider William Dunlop win.

In addition to the GVM, the Victory Racing prototype electric race bike features power cells as well as highly sophisticated electric controls to maximize the top power, power delivery and durability under racing conditions. Victory engineers have further refined the electronics and chassis for the upcoming race with private test sessions in North America. Parker engineers shared in that improvement effort. 

Parker needed to focus on delivering the power density to be able to get 175 horsepower out of this motor, while providing the efficiency to have the motor help the battery power last the entire 37.73 miles of the race. It is very challenging because this is the longest electric motorcycle race in the world. The battery pack has to last through very high average speeds, approaching 120 miles an hour. Plus, near the end of the race, they have to go up and over a mountain to reach the finish.

Competitions are nothing new for the GVM motor

Parker has been supplying this brushless PMAC motor to power all-electric motorcycles made by Brammo for other competitions—including Daytona. 

Parker's GVM Electric Motor Competes in Isle of Man Electric Motorcycle Race-Victory Racing Electric Motorcyle-Electromechanical Division Automation Group


“Daytona is one of the most extreme races in terms of duration and having to stretch every kilowatt hour as far as you can down the road. That’s because of the two-minute lap time. At least one minute is absolutely wide open peak performance, and that can heat and stress components worse than any other racetrack that I'm aware of for motorcycles.” Kevin Holloway, Parker strategic account manager for vehicle electrification.


The GVM product has evolved through such competitions, inspiring Parker designers to transition it from an exterior cooling jacket to an interior cooling method. The stresses of competition have shown that motors can demagnetize if worked too hard, which is why Parker changed to more temperature tolerant Samarium cobalt magnets. And because of the torque required for such races Parker increased torque density in the motors.


Parker's GVM Electric Motor Competes in Isle of Man Electric Motorcycle Race - William Dunlop during time trial - images


“The entire Victory team is excited to make history with this effort. We know that William Dunlop’s experience and the continued Victory Motorcycles development of this electric race bike through work with Parker will propel us into a strong future with electric motorcycles.”  Rod Krois, Victory General Manager


Isle of Man Tourist Trophy coverage

Victory Motorcycles will host a continuous news feed of updates and photos from the Isle of Man TT and will have more information available on the Victory electric prototype race bike at www.VictoryMotorcycles.com. Be sure to follow Victory on Twitter @VictoryBikes and on Facebook at Victory Motorcycles for additional updates.  

Parker's GVM Electric Motor Competes In Isle of Man Electric Motorcycle Race


“I’m more than excited to race this prototype at the Isle of Man. Electric powertrains have many advantages, and the Isle of Man is one of the greatest tests in motorcycle racing.”  William Dunlop, Victory Racing






Image Source: Victory Motorcycles Photo Credit Double Red

Parker's GVM Electric Motor Competes in Isle of Man Electric Motorcycle Race-Jay Schultz-Electromechnical Division Automation GroupArticle contributed by Jay Schultz, business development manager for vehicle electrification, Electromechanical Division, Parker Hannifin Corporation. Get more information on GVM traction motors here 





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