Partnering with Bluestar Industries in Memphis

Partnering with Bluestar Industries in Memphis | Interior Store Shot | Global Retail Operatons

 “We’re excited about the future of Bluestar Industries, our new ParkerStore, and our continued partnership with Parker,” says Roth Chance, Business Unit Manager at Bluestar. 

When you walk into the Bluestar ParkerStore retail space, the shelves are stocked with Parker fluid power parts, “...our customers can get their hands on the products and see the quality. It’s a great physical representation of the products and capabilities we offer.”

And customers got the chance to do just that. An open house to celebrate their grand opening was held at the new ParkerStore location in late March. Local business owners had the opportunity to tour the ParkerStore and warehouse, grab lunch, and meet the crew while taking in the breadth and depth of products and services available.

A local, family owned industrial products business, Bluestar Industries has a vested interest in the Memphis community and the customers they service. “It’s all about the experience. Customers are looking for local support with highly technical and knowledgeable professionals who know the industry, applications and parts for their equipment. We provide our customers with the solutions they need” says Roth. And Bluestar’s support of the community goes far beyond a knowledge resource for local businesses. The company has teamed up with the University of Memphis to provide internships and training programs to mechanical engineering majors. “Locally, the majority of the guys that know this industry have 30+ years in the business. That knowledge transfer is very important to our industry’s future.”

Established in 1968 and with new management since 2006, Bluestar has almost 50 years of service in the Memphis area. If you’re in the Mid South area, call or stop into the ParkerStore and talk with the crew today:

3801 Watman Ave
Memphis, TN 38118

Bluestar is open Monday through Friday 8am to 5pm with emergency services available. You can also visit them online at

Not in Tennessee? Looking for a ParkerStore in your area? Find a location on our website at

ParkerStore Logo

Post contributed by:
Suzanne Favri, Digital Marketing Specialist
Global Retail Operations, Parker Hannifin

Special thanks to Roth Chance at Bluestar Industries.



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