Piston Pumps Deliver New Levels of Efficiency to Oil & Gas Market

Piston Pumps Deliver New Levels of Efficiency to Oil & Gas Market Hydraulic Pump and Power SystemsOver the last several years, the trend in the oil and gas market has been the near constant decrease in oil prices. As prices continue to drop, companies must find ways to remain profitable by streamlining costs. Design engineers are continually seeking more efficient technologies that can provide the same production capabilities while lowering the cost of operation.

Axial piston pumps deliver efficiency

Parker axial piston pumps provide a new-found efficiency. The P1 and PD Series Pumps are a step above the competition because of their energy recovery feature. This feature greatly reduces energy expenditure which saves cost. The pumps are designed to function as a pump to raise the rod string, then as the rod string gravity lowers, the pump is designed to go over center and work as a motor to recover the kinetic energy, which can then be used when raising the rod string or putting the energy back to the grid. In addition, this design allows the pumps to meet duty cycle requirements in applications where competitive products cannot accomplish this.

The P1 and PD series also have exceptional bearing life, which allows it to last longer than competitive product. This reduces down-time and the total cost of ownership. In an industry where down time is extremely costly and operating costs are critical, this feature is invaluable.

Axial piston pumps with electronic controls

The P1 and PD medium pressure axial piston pumps utilize electronic control systems to optimize performance with the ability to work with their own ECU or directly with the machine or vehicle’s ECU. The pumps ECU even feature a CANbus interface to support whole-vehicle CANbus systems.

Besides electronic controls, the P1 and PD series offer a broad range of controls, including load sensing capabilities. In oil and gas applications where there can be wide fluctuations in flow and pressure, load sensing controls can save considerable amounts of input power. A load-sensing controlled variable pump eliminates most inefficiencies created by fixed displacement pumps. This reduces the amount of energy lost when the pump is not operating at maximum flow and electronic controls just take that one step further minimizing losses even more than a load sense control.

Low Noise Applications

Piston Pumps Deliver New Levels of Efficiency to Oil & Gas Market - P1 PD pump example - Parker HannifinAs the public continues to demand a lower dependence on foreign sources of oil, companies are hastily trying to find domestic reserves in commercial quantities. This has forced companies to look for and produce oil and natural gas in locations previously thought to be too close to residential and commercial areas, greatly increasing the need for low-noise equipment due to regulations of operating in such areas.

The unique design of the P1 and PD allow them to excel in low-noise applications. They provide exceptional motor function, while leading the competition in noise reduction. They provide such low noise output that they can be used in a wide array of new low noise applications that have never been tapped due to limitations of other products, while still being cost competitive and highly efficient.

P1 and PD Piston Pumps are now available for purchase on parker.com. Simply add products to your cart for shipment from a Parker Distributor.


Piston Pumps Deliver New Levels of Efficiency to Oil & Gas Market - Keith McDonald, product manager, Hydraulic Pump and Power Systems Division, Parker Hannifin CorporationArticle contributed by Keith McDonald, product manager, Hydraulic Pump and Power Systems Division, Parker Hannifin Corporation.





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