Pneumatics Technologies and Key Markets

Pneumatics Technologies and Key Markets - Picture of robotic welding line.  Parker HannifinPneumatics is the technology of controlling pressurized gases to create force and motion. Parker pneumatics enable and improve machinery performance.

Key markets

  • Automotive

  • Bus

  • Conveyor & material handling

  • Factory automation

  • Fluid controls

  • Food & beverage

  • Heavy industry

  • Industrial machinery

  • Laboratory

  • Life sciences

  • Machine tools

  • Medical

  • Mobile

  • Oil & Gas

  • Packaging machinery

  • Paper machinery

  • Plastics machinery

  • Power generation

  • Primary Metals

  • Process

  • Rail

  • Renewable energy

  • Safety & security

  • Semiconductor & electronics

  • Truck


Key products

  • Air filters/regulators

  • Compact cylinders

  • Diesel emissions products

  • Field bus valve systems

  • Guided cylinders

  • Manifolds

  • Pneumatic accessories

  • Pneumatic actuators

  • Pneumatic grippers

  • Pneumatic control valves

  • Rodless cylinders

  • Rotary actuators

  • Solenoid valves

  • Tie rod cylinders

  • Vacuum generators, cups & sensors

  • Valves

  • Welding systems

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