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Portable Rental Air Dryer for Short-Term Compressed Air Requirements

Portable Rental Air Dryer for Short-Term Compressed Air Requirements - Chemical Plant - Parker Hannifin Gas Separation and Filtration DivisionCompressed air is a major source of energy used in a wide variety of applications across many industries. A plant compressed air system can be costly to operate. Optimizing productivity while reducing operating costs is the common goal shared by almost any manufacturing plant across the globe. Proper compressed air treatment will protect equipment and avoid production downtime and maintenance. In almost all applications throughout a plant, the use of clean, dry compressed air will result in lower operating costs.

The importance of compressed air treatment

Compressed air is generated on-site by pulling in ambient air and compressing it. Ambient air may contain water vapor, microorganisms, dirt, oil vapor, liquid oil, oil aerosols, rust pipe scale and more. Without an integrated compressed air dryer, these contaminants will deteriorate the equipment resulting in costly maintenance and affect the quality of the product being manufactured. Proper compressed air treatment is essential to protect equipment, ensure reliability in manufacturing and production processes, and prevent poor product quality.

Compressed air is often required for a short-lived application lasting only a few weeks. In this case, it doesn't make financial sense for a company to invest in treatment equipment, such as a compressed air dryer, for temporary use.

A short-term, portable solution

The Parker Airtek rental dryer is portable and designed specifically for short-term compressed air drying needs. The new compressed air dryer can reach flow rates as high as 3000 scfm, pressure of 350 psi, and a pressure dew point as low as -80°F.

The rental dryer offers a rugged design with a special protective paint coating for outdoor/coastal environments. Users can adjust pressure range, flow requirements and pressure dew point according to the application requirements. The versatile system is ideal for a range of applications from offshore oil and gas platforms to pharmaceutical clean rooms. Installation is quick and easy, taking only a few minutes.


Portable Rental Air Dryer for Short-Term Compressed Air Requirements - Parker Airtek Portable Rental Compressed Air Dryer - Parker Hannifin Gas Separation and Filtration DivisionCommon uses for the rental dryer:

  • Maintenance in the compressed air equipment
  • Supplemental compressed air requirement to meet current demand 
  • Emergency service or stoppage of the current compressed air equipment
  • Outdoor applications such as construction
  • Production increases requiring more compressed air
  • Short-term/temporary applications

Industries where the rental dryer is used:

  • Power generation
  • Chemical processing
  • Oil and gas
  • Automotive
  • Aerospace
  • Food & beverage
  • Electronics
  • Pulp and paper
  • Steel
  • Pharmaceutical

Portable Rental Air Dryer for Short-Term Compressed Air Requirements - Portable Rental Dryer Brochure - Parker Hannifin Gas Separation & Filtration DivisionFor additional information about the Parker Airtek portable rental compressed air dryer download the product bulletin.






Portable Rental Air Dryer for Short-Term Compressed Air Requirements - Allan Hoerner, product manager - Parker Hannifin Gas Separation & Filtration Division This post was contributed by Allan Hoerner, product manager, and Jennifer Fiorello, compressed air and gas treatment technology blog team member, Parker Gas Separation and Filtration Division.





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