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Proper Installation of an O-Ring: Face Seal Gland

seal installation, o-ring installation, face seal gland, face seal groove, Installing an O-ring in a face seal gland is among the easiest of all installations. However, that doesn’t mean that there’s not potential for errors. Follow these tips and you’ll ensure a successful install.

Important point to remember

The most important variable for installing an O-ring into a face seal is making sure the seal is sized properly. Refer to the O-Ring Handbook or consult a Parker Applications Engineer for assistance in sizing O-rings to face seal glands. If the O-ring is too small, once installed it will potentially walk up the side walls of the gland and become pinched when the mating faces meet. If the O-ring is too large, you could end up with a loop at one point on the O-ring which can cause the seal to jump up out of the groove or buckle over when the mating face compresses it. Both actions can and likely will damage the O-ring. Last, when bolting or clamping the mating faces together, make sure to use a star pattern in order to achieve equal compression on all points of the seal.

Installation steps - female gland

  1. For initial installation don't use lubricant. This allows the gland to grab the o-ring while you push the remaining gland in place.
  2. Use an o-ring installation tool.
  3. If you need lubrication apply after o-ring is installed.
  4. Make sure the male portion of the fixture has adequate lead in chamfer.

For more information refer to the Parker O-Ring Handbook. You can also visit Mobile inPHorm which is an engineering resource for material selection and gland design for O-ring applications.

Or visit us online at Parker O-Ring Division


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