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Proper Installation of an O-Ring: Standard Female Gland

Proper Installation of an O-Ring: Standard Female Gland - o-ring installation, female gland installation, seal installation, static seal gland, static o-ringFemale glands can sometimes be a bit of a challenge for O-ring installations, but keep these tips in mind and watch our video and you should have success.

Installation steps

  1. For initial installation, don’t use lubricant. The idea is to have the gland grab the O-ring while you push the remaining portion of the seal in place.
  2. Use an O-ring installation tool. Many female glands are in extremely tight spaces, an O-ring installation tool can help you secure the seal into place and won’t damage the seal.
  3. If you need lubrication in order to assemble the fixture, apply it after the O-ring is installed.
  4. Lastly, to avoid mechanical damage of the seal, make sure the male portion of the fixture has an adequate lead in chamfer.


More resources for engineers and designers


For mProper Installation of an O-Ring: Standard Female Gland - Parker Hannifin Oring Handbookore information refer to the Parker O-Ring Handbook. This book contains extensive information about the properties of basic sealing elastomers, as well as examples of typical O-ring applications, fundamentals of static and dynamic seal design and O-ring failure modes. It also provides an overview of international sizes and standards, and compatibility data for fluids, gases and solids.

Check out our web based app Mobile inPHorm, an engineering resource for designing application specific glands and O-rings.








Video:  Proper Installation of an O-Ring: Standard Female Gland


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