Real-Time Production Data as a Powerful Tool To Improve Quality

Real-time Production Data as a Powerful Tool to Improve Quality + Quality Assurance + Electromechanical and Drives Division EuropeData acquisition in the modern, digitally-driven production environment can result in better product quality management than ever before.

The ability to collect, evaluate and react to data in real-time is the basis for excellent oversight of production processes to highlight problems and deviations. Anomalies can be quickly addressed, guaranteeing product quality without causing downtime or delays.


Push-to-fit provides the answers

The efforts to use data as a means of improving product quality have been given a significant boost by the launch of a new Parker solution for press and joining applications. Push-To-Fit is an innovative electromechanical kit combining a process control unit, servo drive, motor, and electro cylinder connected through software into a joining module - that can be quickly integrated into general industrial and automotive assembly lines.

The hub of the solution is a process control unit that provides simple parametrization, visualization, and operation. The monitoring method used ensures that real-time quality control is guaranteed, with the process control unit fully compatible with, and prepared for, third-party device connectivity with dual LAN networks and options for Profinet, Ethernet IP, and Modbus. Numerous operating options such as web visualisation, digital I/Os, and communications interfaces, e.g. OPC UA are available to facilitate integration.

Ease-of-use is boosted through real-time control information, historical/trend data, adjustable error response, definable motion profiles, and monitoring via tolerance windows or tolerance bands. Measured values and complete curves are provided in real-time and permanently saved to a database. The creation of such valuable data allows immediate intervention and correction in case of deviations via any HMI with a web browser. The production management system can then take care of automatically generating an error notification message which can be sent via SMS or by email to the relevant member of the production team.

The availability of long-term data for each production cycle can also be used as a means of proving product quality - even several years after production has taken place.


IPM Process Data Management

Real-time Production Data as a Powerful Tool to Improve Quality + IPM Architecture + Electromechanical and Drives Division

The IPM protocol implemented in the Push-To-Fit family provides data for each production cycle, automatically recording physical process and measurement information. This data can be accessed at any time, perhaps as a means of responding to any legal provisions or supporting internal requirements.

The IPM Process Data Management Software and the IPM protocol are products of the company CSP GmbH & Co. KG, Germany.



Many of these characteristics - instant quality assessment, fast error logging, automatic notification and integrated archiving – can act as potent drivers of product quality inside a modern production facility. The collection of meaningful data can also provide benefits in other areas, such as helping to reduce product recalls and eliminating any unnecessary and costly downtime.

Push-To-Fit is, therefore, a welcome addition to the Parker range of electromechanical solutions. Visit our product page to learn more about the advantages it can bring to your industrial assembly projects.  


Real-time Production Data as a Powerful Tool to Improve Quality + Johan Oberle + Electromechanical and Drives DivisionThis article contributed by Johan Oberle, applications engineer, Electromechanical and Drives Division Europe, Parker Hannifin Corporation.






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