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Real World Hydraulics Circuit Training Gives University Students an Edge

Real World Hydraulics Circuit Training Gives University Students an Edge Motion Systems LabDo you ever wonder how Parker is engaging with students? Are students using our products? Are the students receiving the proper support? The answers to these questions is a resounding yes. This article discusses a unique lab experience for mechanical engineering students at the University of Cincinnati (UC).

Safety first

Parker is engaged with many universities across the United States, many of which use products from our vast product portfolio. Before we expose students to our products in any setting, safety must be in order. Students and teaching assistants (TAs) at UC make safety their top priority. Before each lab session is started, the class receives guidelines and instructions from the TAs for starting the Parker Hydraulic Trainer Stands and familiarizing themselves with a hydraulic circuit. After the safety discussion and the lab session begins, each circuit designed by the students are thoroughly checked and given approval before a student can proceed to the next step. 

Students in action

Hydraulic Trainer Stands, provided by Parker, have been a huge success for students at UC. The Structures Motion Control Lab has been around for several years and has provided students the opportunity to apply what is learned in the classroom to a “real world” hands-on experience. The goal of this lab is for students to learn how to operate a hydraulic circuit and obtain the frequency response function of a dynamic system, as well as understand the effects of changes in the hydraulic pressure. Feedback from the students has been positive. They say the trainer stands are simple to operate and easy to navigate even during their first lab session of the semester.

Real World Hydraulics Circuit Training Gives University Students an Edge Motion Systems LabThroughout the year more than 100 senior undergraduate and graduate students come through the UC lab each year. In addition the set of experiments are conducted by 50 different groups over the year. The success of a program like UC has given students a hands-on learning experience but has also given Parker access to top talent within the university.

Thank you, University of Cincinnati for your dedication and support!


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Hydraulic Equipment Labs Give University of Cincinnati an Advantage Training Motion Training Institute

This article was contributed to by Valencia Rucker, market manager-university, Parker Hannifin Corporation.





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