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Reliability Centered Maintenance Reduces Costly Downtime in Oil & Gas Applications

Reliability Centered Maintenance Reduces Costly Downtime in Oil & Gas ApplicationsDowntime from equipment failures can cost oil and gas companies hundreds of thousands of dollars each day and pose significant risk to the safety of crew members. Systems do not break down and fail on a fixed or predetermined schedule, so actively tracking and monitoring the condition of components and systems is at the heart of any Reliability Centered Maintenance (RCM) process. By maintaining or replacing them before they fail, companies can ensure the operation of their offshore assets continues to be safe, efficient and uninterrupted. This approach can have a significant impact in preventing catastrophic failures, costly downtime and collateral damage to machinery.

Parker understands the impact even a short period of downtime can have on a business, and the importance of engineering reliable products and the systems to monitor their performance and status.

Condition monitoring

One aspect of a Reliability Centered Maintenance process is condition monitoring, the practice of closely monitoring the “health”, operating metrics and status of a given component or system to proactively identify any significant changes that could indicate a potential future failure.

Products such as Parker's Kittiwake Zone 1 certified Metallic Wear Debris Sensor can detect the microscopic metallic debris particles produced by moving components in oil lubricated equipment, such as top drives, enabling the user to take preventative maintenance action before failure occurs.

Asset management 

The condition monitoring approach requires the collection and analysis of significant amounts of product-specific data, and managing that information can pose a challenge for companies of all sizes.

The Parker Tracking System (PTS) is an innovative component-tagging and tracking solution to store, access and monitor critical asset information. Because tagged products can be replaced sight unseen, PTS eliminates the need to wait for removal before the new part can be acquired. By reducing transaction time, users can realize significant gains in productivity and increases in valuable uptime.

Reliability Centered Maintenance Reduces Costly Downtime in Oil & Gas Applications - Parker Tracking System (PTS)Each tag can be fully customized by the user to contain specific information or instructions. This data can be used to drive product-specific inspection and or replacement instructions, right down to an individual hose assembly or hydraulic components. It can even store the bill of material, providing a wealth of valuable specification information on a system with a quick and simple scan.

Through the powerful PTS software, this information can be accessed and managed by Parker and our customers and distributors around the world. Equipment built in one country that is sold and serviced in another can rely on PTS to deliver accurate product details wherever and whenever they are needed.

Documenting your fluid handling system and building a preventative maintenance program around your assets and database is essential to effective worksite management. Managing assets no longer rests only on the shoulders of on-site operators or a small team of technicians. Anyone can take ownership of a true condition-based maintenance program in place.

The challenge of consistent and thorough inspection, maintenance and record keeping can now be addressed with a centralized global system, helping to increase safety, improve productivity and achieve compliance with industry accreditations.

Total system health management

Parker partners with its customers in evaluating condition-based maintenance programs and offering a wide variety of custom options. Our engineers will work to help you reach the best mix of reactive, interval-based, condition-based and proactive maintenance practices. It all comes down to understanding the tools that match your specific operation and enable you to detect early warnings of common failures within your systems.

Visit our website to learn more about PTS for asset integrity management and condition monitoring.



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