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Setting the New Standard for Mobile Asset Diagnostics

Setting the New Standard for Mobile Asset Diagnostics - Front end loader  - Parker Hannifin SensoNODEParker has supplied mobile equipment OEMs and dealers with diagnostic solutions for decades. But getting accurate readings on mobile equipment safely has always been a challenge for OEMs and end users alike. Wired devices can get caught in moving parts, and running diagnostics on a stationary piece of equipment doesn’t always produce the most accurate data.

We recognize how important having optimally functioning equipment is to your field operations. And we believe SensoNODE™ Blue Sensors and SCOUT™ Mobile Software are the perfect pair for addressing any diagnostic issues you may be experiencing.


Wireless diagnostics keep you mobile

Traditional wired diagnostic equipment can be difficult to use with mobile equipment. Because a machine must be operating for accurate readings, traditional wired devices can lead to wires or cables getting caught in moving parts, or require the installation of extra hardware.

The small, wireless SensoNODE Blue Sensors are ideal for use with mobile equipment because they

  • eliminate the need for excessive wiring
  • provide more accurate readings
  • allow for diagnostics while mobile with the cab door closed
  • can be used in tandem with SCOUT Mobile software, so the operator can receive diagnostic and analytical data in real-time with a mobile device

Setting the New Standard for Mobile Asset Diagnostics - Green AG Tractor - Parker Hannifin SensoNODE


SensoNODE Blue sensors and SCOUT Mobile software provide users with an advanced condition monitoring solution to address any issues with their mobile equipment before a problem occurs. With SCOUT’s historic tracking ability, users can review trends over time to improve decision-making and optimize efficiencies.

Watch this video on condition monitoring:



Learn more about SensoNODE Blue sensors and SCOUT Mobile software solutions for heavy machinery.

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Setting the New Standard for Mobile Asset Diagnostics - Dan Davis, product manager - Parker Hannifin SensoNODEThis post was contributed by Dan Davis, product sales manager, SensoNODE Sensors and SCOUT Software, Parker Hannifin.






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