SmogHog Eliminates Kitchen Emissions at Sandia Resort and Casino

SmogHog Eliminates Kitchen Emissions at Sandia Resort and Casino - Sandia Resort and Casino - Parker Industrial Gas Filtration and Generation DivisionThe Sandia Resort and Casino opened to great anticipation. The Indian gaming operation’s new property in Albuquerque, New Mexico featured multiple dining options, a huge casino and over 200 sleeping rooms. A truly gorgeous destination, the resort promised a luxurious and relaxing getaway to its guests.  

But shortly after it opened, the Resort faced a challenge that could seriously impact its image and reputation. When reports of kitchen fumes and smoke in guest rooms came to the attention of management, they grew very concerned and immediately investigated the cause and a solution.

SmogHog Eliminates Kitchen Emissions at Sandia Resort and Casino - download the case study - Parker Industrial Gas Filtration and Generation Division

To learn more details about how Sandia Resort and Casio eliminated kitchen emissions with Parker SmogHog technology, download the case study.



The challenge

The Sandia Resort and Casino operated their kitchens on a nearly 24/7 basis in order to serve their thriving business. While the kitchens were equipped with exhaust fans and grease catchers, reports of kitchen fumes and smoke began pouring in from guests. There was also criticism that the fans detracted from the resort's appearance, as they were in plain sight of the guests. In order to address the problem, the Resort contacted Parker. They asked Parker to review their needs and design a custom solution. They advised Parker that they wanted a robust system, using the most advanced technology to remove the pollutants from the air. In addition, it was important that the system blend in with the resort’s structure and aesthetics. They knew this would be a challenge, given the high altitude and limited space on the roof. They also knew the system had to be compliant with local, state and federal standards. The Resort management felt assured that Parker, with its deep expertise and technology, would be able to provide them with a solution.


The solution

The hotel management and the Pueblo of Sandia Tribal Council contacted Parker because of the manufacturer’s strong reputation and successful work with other restaurants experiencing similar problems. After a thorough review of the existing emissions collection systems as well as the desired improvements to be made, Parker introduced the hotel team and Tribal Council to SmogHog® PSG fume collectors. They recommended that the hotel install eleven custom-designed SmogHog systems to address their needs. Parker worked with the onsite facilities staff to optimize the designs for each kitchen.


How SmogHog works

SmogHog Eliminates Kitchen Emissions at Sandia Resort and Casino - Smoghog - Parker Industrial Gas Filtration and Generation DivisionThe SmogHog kitchen emission system uses electrostatic precipitation technology (ESP) to filter odors and electrically charge contaminants, which are then captured onto aluminum collection plates.

SmogHogs are self-cleaning, eliminating the need for costly filter replacements. The self-cleaning cycle was scheduled at a convenient time to prevent interruptions to guest services. In addition, SmogHog uses existing hot water supplies, presenting the savings associated with having to source and pay for additional resources.


System design

SmogHog Eliminates Kitchen Emissions at Sandia Resort and Casino - Sandia Resort and Casino Smoghog installation - Parker Industrial Gas Filtration and Generation DivisionParker designed the SmogHog to fit into space and aesthetic requirements. The units were configured to fit the roof’s unique design and weight limit, as well as accessibility. They were also painted to adhere to the color scheme of the facade. All of this was done within the requirements of the structural code.




Parker was successful in meeting the Sandia Resort and Casino’s needs with SmogHog technology:

  • Fume-related guest complaints were eliminated.
  • Maintenance cost and time spent on exchanging the cleaning solution were significantly reduced.
  • Savings in labor costs.
  • Monthly filter changes were eliminated.
  • The building’s appearance was enhanced  

“SmogHog is an excellent product ... While our original exhaust fans were working to some extent, they weren’t nearly as effective as the SmogHogs. These new units allow our HVAC team to concentrate on other areas, as wash cycles and operations are all computerized. The HVAC staff only needs to perform routine maintenance and exchange cleaning solution once a month. These units have shown to be low maintenance and have already provided savings in labor costs compared to the old exhaust fans. The additional savings have been in these units not requiring monthly filter changes".

— Mark Cuzzola, facilities manager, Sandia Resort and Casino

“The Council wanted results, and to date, they have been exceptional. Since installing the SmogHogs, there have been zero complaints from guests ... The systems clean all the exhaust, and only fresh clean air is exhausted ... Not only was the Parker Hannifin team very attentive and great to work with, they helped us come up with a tailored solution that does exactly what we need it to.”

— Paul Collins, superintendent of facilities, Sandia Resort and Casino

SmogHog Eliminates Kitchen Emissions at Sandia Resort and Casino - download the case study - Parker Industrial Gas Filtration and Generation DivisionTo learn more about SmogHog and how the technology was successfully used at the Sandia Resort and Casino to eliminate kitchen emissions, download the case study.

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Article contributed by the Filtration team.


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