Sowing the Seeds and Harvesting Innovation in Agriculture

Sowing the Seeds and Harvesting Innovation in Agriculture MSG farm Motion Systems GroupSince the advent of mechanized agriculture, agriculture machinery is an indispensable part of how the world is fed. Powered machinery has long replaced the work of manual labor and working animals like oxen, horses, and mules.  

Parker engineers have been trusted partners to develop innovative solutions in agriculture equipment. By understanding OEM goals, needs, and expectations Parker delivers value by improving the bottom line and increasing machine performance. Parker’s Global Mobile Systems (GMS) team works directly with OEM customers to solve complex problems which lead to breakthroughs that make the world smarter, safer, and more efficient.

With dedicated resources strategically located around the world, applying a broad array of technologies, Parker brings motion control systems to a new level. Parker's ability to optimize systems through whole-vehicle integration elevates them as the global industry leader in intelligent motion control for mobile equipment. The process begins with gaining a prioritized understanding of your specific goals, needs, and expectations. The final result is an exceptional value in areas that bring bottom-line revenue and help you compete.


Parker downforce solutions 

As farmers demand uniform seed depth at faster planting speeds and a higher level of precision from their equipment, it is increasingly necessary to apply force efficiently and precisely to ground-engaging implements. Parker’s hydraulic downforce system can provide a simple easy to control system to meet the end customer’s needs. 

Hydraulic downforce provides either active or passive force to maintain the ground contact a ground engaging implement to maintain a seed-specific depth. The Parker system approach uses a single solenoid control for up and downforce and a two hose solution for fluid conveyance.  

Parker’s GMS team provides maximum flexibility in assisting customers to develop their specific downforce solutions using proven components. Parker’s team can provide full system support from development, testing, and implementation, to single component support.  


Exceeding performance goals

Parker’s GMS team recently partnered with an OEM to help restructure the hydraulics system of their harvester. The OEM had set a goal to significantly improve fuel efficiency, which would make their product more attractive to end-users. The team saw an opportunity to improve the system efficiency by using variable displacement piston pumps to drive key functions.  

GMS completely restructured the hydraulic system by switching to a variable displacement open circuit solution, using P1 Series pumps with Electronic Displacement Control (EDC) and F12 Series bent-axis piston motors. This compact electronic solution reduced system complexity and increased efficiency; which reduces operational costs over the machine’s lifetime. The new hydraulic system exceeded the fuel consumption goal set by the OEM, saved costs, and simplified the hydraulic system by reducing the number of components used.

Parker’s Global Mobile Systems engineering team is focused on helping OEMs optimize machine performance and efficiency as the technology changes the way farmers manage their operations.  


Sowing the Seed and Harvesting Innovation in AgricultureThis article was contributed by David Schulte, P.E., senior systems engineer, Parker Hannifin Corporation. 





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