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State-of-the-Art Metallurgical Lab Helps Drive Product Safety and Reliability for Industrial Tube Fittings and Adapters

State of the art metallurgical lab helps drive product safety and reliability for industrial tube fittings and adapters

Corrosion. Rust. Metal fatigue. High-pressures. At Parker Tube Fittings Division, we recognize the harsh conditions where our products have to perform, so we established a state-of-the-art metallurgical lab where we test products in conditions that mimic our customers’ applications, using tools that include:

  • Ultra-high-pressure test stand capable of achieving up to 75,000 psi of pressure
  • Ingression tester to simulate pressure conditions that exist more than four miles below the ocean’s surface
  • Test chambers to evaluate the effects of water, salt and oxygen on component life
  • Equipment for tension and compression tests to measure the force required to pull apart fittings, up to an extraordinary 136,000-pound force 
  • Fatigue testing equipment which can cycle up to 200 times per second

Using magnification technology to understand how harsh environments affect material chemistry and coatings

More than just testing components for strength and durability under harsh conditions, we also use magnification to understand how those conditions affect the microstructure of materials and surface treatments such as coatings. Our magnification tools include an optical microscope for 3D image reconstruction (up to 2,500 times magnification) and a Scanning Electron Microscope (magnification up to 300,000 times), for resolving features down to 3nm and chemical composition down to 100 nm.

Meeting performance and safety standards and pioneering the development of robust, advanced products 

Using this equipment, we perform tests in accordance with SAE, ISO, ASTM, API and ASME, and have also performed tests under the guidance of DNV.

Our metallurgical lab also enables us to develop the most robust products possible, supporting the newest technologies in fluid power which demand higher pressures with no compromise on safety.

Watch our video, “State-of-the-Art Metallurgical Lab,” to learn more about how Parker’s Tube Fittings Division partners with our customers globally to safely pioneer fluid conveyance solutions that exceed testing standards and redefine what is possible.


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