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Streamline Your Condition Monitoring Process

Streamline Your Condition Monitoring Process - Plant image with SensoNOde and Scout Software - Parker Hannifin - Quick Coupling Division Condition monitoring isn’t a new concept. Since industry has automated the machining process, companies have constantly sought ways to maintain high product quality while improving production rates. Asset effectiveness is arguably the biggest driver when it comes to accurate and reliable condition monitoring, closely followed by improving overall labor efficiency.

Disadvantages to manual data collection

Ironically, the condition monitoring process itself can be laborious and time-consuming. For years, companies relied entirely on manual data collection, which can consume upwards of 70 percent of a company’s recurring operating/labor costs. That’s not counting the data analysis, screening processes, and reporting.

Another disadvantage to manual data collection is the frequency of the collections, offering little more than a snapshot of an asset’s actual operating conditions. Without a more consistent monitoring process, spikes or drops in asset performance can go unnoticed, leading to damage over time.

Advantages and benefits to streamlining

Streamlining the condition monitoring process is just as advantageous to a company as improving its manufacturing process. The advent of “big data” and the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) has paved the way for smart sensors and asset monitoring software that helps end-users take accurate readings more frequently without eating up valuable man-hours.

Benefits of a smart sensor data collection system include:

  • More frequent asset monitoring with minimal staff
  • Download and analyze the data off-site
  • Ability to have multiple personnel monitor data in multiple locations
  • Set more parameters to collected data
  • Apply those analytics to a predictive maintenance schedule

The end game is to deliver predictive analytics that drive optimal tactical, operational, and strategic decisions, leading to maximum uptime.

Parker’s approach

SensoNODE Blue™ sensors and Voice of the Machine Mobile™ app is Parker’s condition monitoring solution. It gives plant managers a wireless connection to their assets that eliminates massive information gaps while improving labor efficiency, decreasing maintenance costs, and identifying issues before they snowball into serious problems. Learn more at our Condition Monitoring website.


Streamline Your Condition Monitoring Process - Marc Williams

Contributed by Marc Williams, IoT project lead, Parker Hannifin Corporation.






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