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Subsystems are Critical to OEM Instrumentation Design

Subsystems and Subcomponents are Critical to OEM Instrumentation Design - Subsystem - Parker Precision FluidicsLife science instruments in the medical, analytical and diagnostics fields vary widely by technology and design. But one thing they all have in common is the complexity of their fluidic circuits. As market dynamics continue to push for reduced prices, maximized use of laboratory space and portable devices, it is becoming increasingly important for OEMs to optimize their instrument designs to meet these demands. One such way to achieve this is to partner with an experienced manufacturer who can supply purpose-built engineered subsystems.


Subsystems are modular units made of up of several fluidic components built up into a fully functional manifold block. This unit is designed as a plug-and-play solution and therefore alleviates the OEM from the burden of managing multiple individual components. Utilizing subsystems in life science instruments also delivers several other benefits including:


  • Simplified production and assembly processes
  • Enables instrument footprint reduction
  • Streamlined supply chain
  • Faster servicing routines


Subsystems also have the potential to significantly increase an instruments throughput performance as lengthy fluid lines are eliminated from the circuit enabling faster cycle runs during priming, dosing or wash cycles, for example. Components ideally suited for subsystems include miniature pneumatic proportional and liquid control valves, diaphragm pumps, mass flow controllers, electronic pressure controllers, and high precision regulators, amongst others. Through the vast network of Parker divisions, Parker Precision Fluidics also has access to fittings, specialized tubing, sensors, and check valves.

Subsystems and Subcomponents are Critical to OEM Instrumentation Design - Parker Precision Fluidics Subsystems examples - Parker Precision Fluidics

What we do

In addition to having an extensive product portfolio range, Parker Precision Fluidics is a business unit dedicated to the Life Science market, with a team of highly skilled engineers trained to understand the unique physical and material properties around stable, accurate and precise liquid and gas delivery in medical, analytical and diagnostic instruments.

Parker Precision Fluidics is a collaborative engineering partner, who works closely with OEMs from concept feasibility through to production. By employing a robust stage-gate project management process and direct engineer-to-engineer contact, we ensure clear communication with and timely delivery to our partners. Early engagement with our partners is key to being able to deliver the greatest value.


Parker Precision Fluidics typical stage-gate project managment process

Subsystems are Critical to OEM Instrumentation Design_Parker Precision Fluidics



Subsystems and Subcomponents are Critical to OEM Instrumentation Design - visit website - Parker Precision FluidicsTo learn more about Parker Precision Fluidics custom solutions for the analytical chemistry market, visit our webpage.  



Service and support

Every Parker facility runs on lean manufacturing principles allowing for flexible operations in all functional areas. Our experienced sales team, knowledgeable engineers and friendly customer service representatives are available to help navigate through product or solution selection as well as to assist with the ordering process. Parker Hannifins global presence ensures that you receive timely support for all your enquiries. We have the experience, history of performance, and uncompromising commitment to quality that you can rely on to meet your project demands.


Our applications engineering team is always available to provide recommendations and customize equipment to customer specifications.

To learn more, visit Parker Hannifin Precision Fluidics Division or call +1-603-595-1500 to speak with an engineer



Subsystems and Subcomponents are Critical to OEM Instrumentation Design - Bill Schaeffer - Parker Precision Fluidics

This blog post was contributed by Bill Schaeffer, senior applications engineer, Parker Precision Fluidics. Bill has been an employee at Parker Precision Fluidics for 25 years. 






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