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Subsystems and Subcomponents are Critical to OEM Instrumentation Design

Subsystems and Subcomponents are Critical to OEM Instrumentation Design - Subsystem - Parker Precision FluidicsA subsystem is a self-contained module within a larger system. Often in the life sciences market space, manufacturers look for partners that specialize in a specific industry to design and supply subsystems for their larger system. This allows their engineers to focus on other aspects of their device while outsourcing subcomponents inside a larger system. When looking for a partner to provide subsystems and components one should look for expertise in the field with decades of industry experience. A single provider of the components is ideal too as this makes less work when managing inventory and ordering, as well as minimizing time coordinating with a partner's customer service team.

Parker Hannifin's Precision Fluidics Division is unique in the customized subsystem solutions it can provide. Precision Fluidics is the global leader in providing miniature fluidic components and is predominantly focused on the life science market. The Precision Fluidics portfolio includes miniature pneumatic proportional and liquid control valves, diaphragm pumps, thermal mass flow controllers/meters, electronic pressure controllers, high-precision regulators, and rotameters. Parker can integrate the full range of its technologies into engineered subsystems. This can reduce an OEM’s technical risk, as well as lower its development cost and time. Precision Fluidics engineers have the industry expertise along with the manufacturing and project leadership knowledge to ensure our solutions work seamlessly in your product. This will allow you to focus on your core science and technology and leave the fluidic control systems to Parker.

At Parker Precision Fluidics the engineers get involved in the early design process to provide the greatest value from collaboration and to provide successful product integration. Since we are a single solution provider that can design, prototype, and manufacture, your team benefits from shortened design and production cycles with convenient customer service and a single point of contact.


What we do

Parker Precision Fluidics is a collaborative engineering partner, working with you throughout your OEM design cycle from concept to design through production and sustaining. Learn about our typical stage-gate project management process:

Subsystems and Subcomponets are Critical to OEM Instrumentation Design - Stage Gate Process - Parker Precision Fluidics


Throughout the entire product lifecycle, Parker works to ensure our customers' return on investment and to drive advancements in the life science industry. 


Subsystems and Subcomponents are Critical to OEM Instrumentation Design - Parker Precision Fluidics Subsystems examples - Parker Precision Fluidics

OEM applications experts

Parker Precision Fluidics employs engineers and scientists with extensive experience in the life science market. This enables them to collaborate with customers on an engineer-to-engineer and scientist-to-scientist level, allowing us to clearly understand the requirements and develop solutions in Automation & Motion Control, Miniature Solenoid Valves & Diaphragm Pumps, and Filtration & Gas Generation. Working with Parker Precision Fluidics will ensure low risk/complexity, access to all Precision Fluidics' products, integrated manifolds, fittings, tubing, and check valves.  

With a single solution provider that can design, prototype, and manufacture, you benefit from shortened design and production cycles. By working with a lean enterprise, you will simplify your procedure and enjoy convenient customer service and a single point of contact. 


Subsystems and Subcomponents are Critical to OEM Instrumentation Design - visit website - Parker Precision FluidicsTo learn more about Parker Precision Fluidics custom solutions for the analytical chemistry market, visit our webpage.  


Service and support

Parker Precision Fluidics lean manufacturing allows them to respond quickly to orders and special requests. PPF's industry experienced sales force, knowledgeable application engineers, and friendly customer service representatives are available for your technical assistance and ordering needs. Parker's worldwide support ensures that your system, plant, or equipment can be serviced and supported anywhere. 

Parker offers customers more than precision-manufactured, reliable parts; they offer a diverse knowledgebase of engineering expertise, as well as the assistance of dedicated customer service representatives. Precision Fluidics has the experience, history of performance, and uncompromising commitment to quality that you can rely on to meet your project schedules. 

Our applications engineering team is always available to provide recommendations and customize equipment to customer specifications.

To learn more, visit Parker Hannifin Precision Fluidics Division or call +1-603-595-1500 to speak with an engineer

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Subsystems and Subcomponents are Critical to OEM Instrumentation Design - Bill Schaeffer - Parker Precision Fluidics

This blog post was contributed by Bill Schaeffer, senior applications engineer, Parker Precision Fluidics. Bill has been an employee at Parker Precision Fluidics for 25 years. 






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