Supporting Bottling Operations in the Wine Industry

Supporting Bottling Operations in the Wine Industry_Wine_Parker Bioscience FiltrationParker's Technical Support Group works hand in hand with customers to help them overcome operational challenges and optimize their filtration systems. We build close relationships with businesses, acting in partnership and supporting them in ensuring the quality of their end products.

One such example of this is our work with Greencroft Bottling Company.


About Greencroft Bottling

Based in Stanley, County Durham, UK, Greencroft Bottling is part of the Lanchester Group. It is one of the largest contract wine bottlers in the UK and operates seven filling lines, which are capable of filling more than 90,000 bottles and boxes of wine an hour.

Greencroft Bottling’s state of the art filling lines are capable of filling a variety of packaging including 187ml single serve, 70cl, 75cl and 1 litres in glass and PET. 

Greencroft Bottling’s customers include well known international brands, retailers and supermarkets.

As the volume of wine bottled by Greencroft Bottling has increased, so too has the company’s filtration requirements.


How Parker supports Greencroft Bottling

1. Process optimization

As the products bottled at our customer’s site evolve, filtration processes must evolve with them. And that’s one of the ways in which our specialist expertise can make a real difference.

Greencroft Bottling works with a wide range of wine products – it’s vital that in each case, filtration is optimized to ensure the desired quality. Our TSG conducts filtration trials on wines bottled by Greencroft Bottling, either by taking samples and conducting trials at our Birtley facility, or by conducting small scale filtration trials at the customer’s plant. We’ll then work with the customer to scale up the process.

This work ensures that the most effective filtration process is used with each wine product.


2. Troubleshooting and investigation

If Greencroft Bottling has any issues with filter performance or integrity, our TSG can either test filters on-site at its premises, or investigate any potential problems at our facility in Birtley. We quickly respond to problems, helping our customer minimize any impact on its operations.


3. Training

Specialists in our TSG team provide training to Greencroft Bottling’s staff on filter integrity testing and cleaning. This helps the company’s operations to run more smoothly and by sharing best practice, we can help to prevent issues such as filter blockages or problems with product quality.

Given the size and scale of Greencroft Bottling’s operations, downtime can be costly: our work can help to minimize this.

We also provide online training to Greencroft Bottling’s process operators, through which they gain further knowledge of the filtration process and of the filter products themselves: this is an important aspect in helping the company to work to compliance procedures.


4. A long term relationship

Greencroft have had a good relationship with Parker.  Working closely with the company for many years.  



Want to know more about how we work with Greencroft Bottling? View the video below:


Find out more about Parker Bioscience Filtration's products for wine applications 


Jeremy Cook


This post was contributed by Jeremy Cook, account manager - food and beverage, Parker Bioscience Filtration, United Kingdom.

Parker Bioscience Filtration offers filtration solutions to protect the quality and taste of beverage products. By working with our application experts, manufacturers can develop a tailored solution to ensure their beverage is free from contamination, full of flavour and visibly clear.



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