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Sustainability Report Links Innovation and Product Stewardship

Sustainability Report Demonstrates Link Between Product Stewardship and Customer Value - TAPS system - ParkerParker’s products and systems can be found on and around almost everything that moves, and improving efficiency throughout the product lifecycle represents an important opportunity to minimize environmental impact while creating significant value for customers.

Parker’s 2018 Sustainability Report explains how, among the company’s most important innovations introduced in the past decade, each achieved success by providing customers tangible and compelling value. In many cases, these new solutions created significant improvements in environmental and societal sustainability by minimizing manufacturing waste and reducing the use of energy. Such accomplishments are driven by reductions in weight, increases in efficiency, improvements to safety and the elimination of unnecessary features.  When correctly applied, industrial innovation drives strong financial performance and creates a lasting, positive impact on the world.

Supplier partnerships

Throughout its history Parker has been fortunate to partner with world-class suppliers who share a commitment not only to a premier customer experience and maintaining the highest standards for quality and reliability, but to reducing resource consumption and waste. With an annual supplier spend exceeding $7 billion, continuing to improve the supply chain in these areas of focus will enable Parker to significantly reduce its global footprint and improve the resilience of its suppliers.

Parker has been a proud member of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) SmartWay Transport Partnership since 2013. This program helps Parker identify technologies and strategies to reduce carbon emissions, track its progress and set goals to reduce fuel consumption and improve the efficiency of freight transport. Parker has also achieved a high Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) supply chain rating, measuring against 5,000 other companies taking action to support a sustainable economy.

Shining bright on the track and in the classroom

Control Systems Division - Irvine, CA, USA

Sustainability Report Demonstrates Link Between Product Stewardship and Customer Value - Walnut Solar Car Team - ParkerFor three years Barbara Lam, a senior principal engineer at the Control Systems Division of Parker Aerospace, donated her time and company-sponsored resources to help make the Walnut Solar Car Team possible. The team consists of high school students from the local school district in Walnut, California and each year they travel to Fort Worth, Texas to showcase and race solar-powered cars that they worked on together to design and build, learning valuable hands-on lessons about science and mathematics.

Barbara unexpectedly passed away on January 3, 2018 and her family, friends, coworkers and students were shocked and saddened by her passing. Her passion for supporting the Walnut Solar Car Team reflects the kindness and generosity for which Barbara will be remembered, and the many students in which she helped instill a life-long enthusiasm for engineering will continue to serve as a testament to her remarkable life.

Responsible products


CN-6 Nitrogen Generator 

Sustainability Report Demonstrates Link Between Product Stewardship and Customer Value - Nitrogen for coffee - ParkerParker nitrogen filtration systems are used in many ways, from the preservation of grocery produce to improving the safety of commercial aviation. The latest application of this technology relates to a beverage that is coveted by millions of people each morning - coffee. For coffee shops across the country, the CN-6 delivers highly purified nitrogen used to improve the taste and consistency of cold brew, an alternative to traditional hot coffee that has rapidly grown in popularity in recent years.

Earth’s atmosphere is approximately 78% nitrogen, and the CN-6 draws air directly through a special membrane with nano-sized holes to separate oxygen from the smaller nitrogen molecules. Nitrogen is non-flammable and extremely inert so it won’t react with anything in the environment.

By offering nitrogen on-demand, the system also improves safety as delivery truck drivers, coffee shop employees and customers are not exposed to any risks associated with handling liquid nitrogen. For the environment, this means less wasted energy producing mass quantities of liquid nitrogen and eliminating vehicle emissions from transporting it to the many locations where it is used.


LEAP Engine Fuel Nozzle

Sustainability Report Demonstrates Link Between Product Stewardship and Customer Value - Jet Engine - ParkerThere are few more visible sources of combustion than a jet aircraft. Modern jet engines are the cleanest-burning, most efficient means of transportation available today. When CFM International set out to make a better version of the CFM56 engine, more of which have been produced than all other types of jet engines combined, they chose the Parker-GE joint venture Advanced Atomization Technologies to develop the all-important TAPS fuel injection system.

CFM International’s new LEAP engine offers a 15% improvement in fuel efficiency, or an average savings of 90 miles/gallon per passenger, which is approximately 66% less fuel than a person would use if they decided to drive instead. One of the secrets to that incredible performance is the TAPS fuel injection system, which mixes air and fuel together so perfectly that the engine can extract unprecedented amounts of energy as it consumes fuel, enabling the aircraft to travel farther and produce fewer emissions for each gallon burned.

An efficient engine is also a hotter engine, and that heat must be managed by any engine system. It must keep the fuel cool enough to prevent it from breaking down before it is injected into the engine to prevent potential damage to the fuel injectors. The TAPS system incorporates many proprietary features that enable optimum performance in the LEAP environment.

The LEAP engine is now achieving the most rapid order build in the history of commercial aviation, enabling countless passengers to travel more affordably and with a smaller environmental impact than ever.


Low Drag D-ring

Sustainability Report Demonstrates Link Between Product Stewardship and Customer Value - low drag d ring - truck - ParkerFrom sports cars and sedans to pickup trucks and vans, the number of passenger and commercial vehicles on the road continues to grow each year, so even incremental improvements to their performance can have a significant environmental impact. Two of the leading U.S. automobile manufacturers have introduced creative solutions that increase efficiency including lightweight construction, highly efficient engines and improved transmissions.

One factor to increase transmission efficiency is a new Low Drag D-Ring developed by Parker, a modification of an existing O-ring design that helps to reduce drag and improve shifting smoothness and fuel efficiency. Used on more than 30 different vehicle platforms, each transmission assembly contains 37 Low Drag D-Rings accounting for approximately 90% of the seals within it. This advancement in transmission design is helping manufacturers to meet stringent government fuel efficiency mandates and improve the driving experience.

Sustainability Report Demonstrates Link Between Product Stewardship and Customer Value - Sustainability Report - ParkerTo learn more, download the sustainability report






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