System Design Partnership on Heavy-Duty Demolition Vehicle

Euroimplementos first demolition machine - Heavy duty Vehicle Design Parker Hannifin After 30 years of experience in manufacturing attachments for machines such as backhoes and graders for the earth moving industry, as well as pole drills, snow blowers and flail movers for the municipal industry, the Barcelona-based engineering company Euroimplementos decided to widen their range to include complete machines. With experience also in manufacturing the actual breaker head, a demolition machine was the first one out.


Engineering design

Euroimplementos Roc 22 Basic Layout - Heavy duty Vehicle Design Parker Hannifin Spain The team was operating on a very tight time schedule, and there was no time for mistakes. The demolition machine on the drawing board, an RDC 22.20, needed to out-perform existing machines on the market by providing longer range, higher capacity and a much more “competent” chassis with dual dozer blades and extendable tracks, as well as extendable blades for increased stability.


Cooperation with Parker

Based on earlier experience working with Euroimplementos, along with the significant business opportunity the project presented, Parker’s Spanish mobile team headed by Felix Chacon engaged in system discussions.



The first challenge was that all of the chassis functions needing a rather extensive rotary distributor, which is expensive, space-consuming and complex. This was solved by simply placing a complete valve with an IQAN expansion unit on the chassis frame, thereby reducing the number of hydraulic lines to 4 and the electric lines to the CAN-bus connections for the IQAN system.

For the chassis, a Parker 6-bank P70CP valve was chosen, as the need for a multifunction operation was rather limited and so was the space available. For the superstructure, a Parker 7-bank L90LS was chosen, providing refinements in spool selection, feeding reducers and optimized controllability.



Axial Piston Pump PV Series Hydraulic Technology - Heavy Duty Vehicle Design Parker Hannifin The machine was to be powered by a 22 kW electric motor with direct coupled pumps, one PV+ 45 cc for the main functions with a piggy-back PGP 31 cc for the kidney functions -cooling and filtration. Considering the rather awkward operating environments, a large kidney filter and a well-dimensioned tank breather filter were selected.

To hook it all up, the Genuine Parker Parts (GPP) team was called in to assemble all hoses, connectors, and fittings.


Customer satisfaction

“We were extremely impressed with the competence and deep application knowledge presented by the Parker team even on components and topics, not in their normal range. They were able to provide valuable advice on a range of important topics, including cooler size, tank size and, equally important, tank design, to mention a few. The IQAN system, with its radio control module, turned out to be as good as they claimed it to be, and with the support and training from Parker, we managed to get the machine ready in time for our target launch date” ~ Sr. Ramón García of Euroimplementos.

For more information, please contact Felix Chacon at Parker Sales Company Spain.

Learn more about Parker's Hydraulic Technology in this video

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