The History and Pedigree of Parker Aerospace Fluid Systems Division Fuel Pumps

The History and Pedigree of Parker Aerospace Fluid Systems Division Fuel PumpsFor over 40 years, the Fluid Systems Division (FSD) of Parker Aerospace has been designing and building aircraft fuel boost and transfer pumps at its Elyria, Ohio, facility located just southwest of Cleveland. Parker, as a leader in the aerospace industry, is committed to supporting all aircraft manufacturing segments including general aviation, commercial, and military. Parker FSD is proud of its legacy and reputation in the industry and continues to work toward advancing fuel pump products through innovative technology that meets today’s advanced safety regulations while improving operating efficiency.

One clear focus on two types of fuel pumps

Fuel pumps are an integral component of any aircraft fuel system. Parker builds two types of pumps that are an integral part of the fuel delivery system: fuel boost pumps and fuel transfer pumps. 

Fuel boost pumps are designed to deliver the fuel from the primary tanks to the aircraft engine. Fuel transfer pumps are designed to move fuel from one tank to another to keep the primary tanks filled while maintaining the aircraft’s center of gravity. 

Fuel boost and transfer pumps come in numerous sizes and shapes based upon the application. Each pump is custom designed to optimize the efficiency of the fuel system and fit within the allocated installation envelope. Discharge pressures can reach 60 psig and flow rates can be as low as 0.5 gpm up to 250 gpm. Several electric drive options are also available, using DC or AC power. 

The History and Pedigree of Parker Aerospace Fluid Systems Division Fuel Pumps - Parker Fuel Pump and Parker Transfer Pump - Parker Aerospace

Proven fuel pump solutions

Parker offers its customers a broad line of proven fuel pumps that have undergone extensive qualification testing plus significant operational field experience. These factors, combined with the expertise of Parker’s engineering team, translates into low-risk, cost-effective solutions for both civilian and military aircraft. While Parker offers off-the-shelf fuel pumps from their product catalog, each application has unique specifications and can be fully customized to meet virtually any new or retrofit application. Parker is continually evaluating ways to ensure aircraft fuel systems operate as efficiently and safely as possible under all operating conditions.  

A significant and proud pedigree

The Fluid Systems Division has provided both fuel boost and transfer pumps for some key global aerospace programs, spanning the general aviation, rotor, commercial, and military markets. Some of the programs include:

  • Airbus A350
  • Beechcraft A100, B100, B200, E90
  • Bell 204, 205, 212, 412
  • Bell Canada 407 
  • Boeing A-160, F/A-18
  • Bombardier C Series CS100 and CS300, Dash 8, Global Express
  • COMAC C919
  • CASA CN235
  • Cessna Sovereign
  • Dornier 228 series
  • Embraer E170, E190, ERJ145, Legacy 450/500, Super Tucano
  • LearJet 45
  • Leonardo AW109, AW139 series
  • Lockheed Martin F-16, F-35
  • Northrop Grumman Global Hawk
  • Piaggio P.160, P.180
  • Raytheon Hawker 4000
  • Sikorsky CH-148, H-92, S-70, S-92, UH-60/SH-60

Fuel pump laboratory and testing capabilities

The Parker Aerospace Fluid Systems Division offers customers a full scope of fuel pump design, development, and manufacturing capability, strengthened by rigorous in-house testing capabilities. A dedicated testing laboratory includes numerous test facilities to verify pump performance using the guidelines of RTCA DO-160 and MIL-STD-810. 

The History and Pedigree of Parker Aerospace Fluid Systems Division Fuel Pumps - FSD Lab Testing - Parker Aerospace

Pump performance variation due to thermal, mechanical, and electrical variation is measured while testing in actual jet fuel. Rigorous design verification testing is performed at stages of development and production to ensure the optimum performance and long life of each Parker fuel pump. 


The History and Pedigree of Parker Aerospace Fluid Systems Division Fuel Pumps - Visual Inspections of Pump Components - Parker Aerospace

Parker Aerospace fuel pump laboratory capabilities include: 

  • Multi-tank test facility
  • Model fabrication shop
  • Rapid prototyping
  • Motor dynamometer
  • Electronics lab
  • AC and DC digital power supplies
  • Calibration test stands
  • Data acquisition and control systems
  • Endurance test stands
  • Power analyzers for electrical inputs
  • Temperature chambers

The Parker motor design center

Focused on advancing the science of motor technology, the Parker Motor Design Center (PMDC) allows FSD customers to achieve lower costs by incorporating proven design methods and manufacturing capabilities, in conjunction with rapid prototyping to produce a working motor in as little as six weeks. PMDC engineers have developed a proprietary motor design tool that optimizes motor geometry using magnetic finite element analysis (FEA), system simulation, and thermal analysis.

Design guidelines and safety regulations addressed by Parker’s pumps

The Fluid Systems Division is an industry leader in developing pump designs to meet FAR 25.981 safety guidelines for prevention of ignition sources inside fuel tanks. Parker is directly involved in industry committees that produce standards for both pump design and safety to contribute to improving the acceptance criteria used to evaluate today’s new aircraft.

For additional information on Parker Aerospace systems and capabilities, please visit our website.


The History and Pedigree of Parker Aerospace Fluid Systems Division Fuel Pumps - Bill Heilman - Parker AerospaceThis post was contributed by Bill Heilman, senior principal engineer, Parker Aerospace Fluid Systems Division.






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