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The Importance of Reliability in Diaphragm Pumps

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Reliability is the quality of being trustworthy or of performing consistently well. Here at Parker, we’ve made reliability the focus of our products since the company was established; this has made Parker’s products synonymous with reliability. The new BTX-Connect diaphragm pump meets next-generation manufacturers' needs for reliability, portability, noise reduction, and adds additional advanced technology that is revolutionizing miniature diaphragm pumps.


Reliability meets innovation

The Connect motor features the newest technologies in the miniature diaphragm pump industry. The Connect motor is a brushless motor with a patented motor bearing design that is key to the pump's reliability. The only component that wears overtime in a brushless DC motor are bearings, unlike brushed motors that have brushes that mechanically connect the rotor and are consumed over time. The bearing system of the motor is critical in pumps because of the reciprocating radial load on the motor shaft. The BTX-Connect uses a custom bearing assembly system designed to remove all of the bearing internal play; this ensures a longer lifespan and significant noise reduction. Additionally, the BTX pump family includes a proprietary advanced elastomer material, which is specifically designed to withstand the constant flexing and loading within the diaphragm pump enabling the pump system to go well beyond 15,000 hours of continuous use. 


Advanced serial communication

When designing the BTX-Connect pump, we considered the need for digital communication. Prior to the BTX miniature diaphragm pump, most pumps only had analog methods of speed control, PWM, 0-5V input, or on/off. The BTX breaks new ground by offering the option of connecting with a serial UART (Universal Asynchronous Receiver/Transmitter) that can provide motor speed measurements, internal temp, and fail-safe shutdown conditions if over temperature or over-current occurs. This is ideal for monitoring the pump's performance during the pump's lifespan.


BTX-Connect accessories

The importance of reliability in diaphragm pumps - BTX-Connect Accessories - Parker Precision Fluidics

In addition to all these standard features, the BTX offers accessories that can be purchased separately, including the EZ-Mount base and Filter-Muffler. The EZ-Mount base enables easy installation in instruments and rubber isolators that reduce vibration. The Filter-Muffler offers even more noise reduction by filtering up to 10 microns. This pump is well suited for hospitals and in-home devices when patients require less noise and distractions.


The Importance of Reliability in Diaphragm Pumps - Download the white paper - Parker Precision Fluidics



Download this white paper and learn more about sound mitigation techniques for diaphragm pumps.






BTX-Connect options

The BTX has several options that include: single head, dual head, pressure only, vacuum only, and pressure/vacuum. See the below chart for the single and dual head typical performance and ordering options. Contact Parker's Application Engineers for more options or special requirements.

The Importance of Reliability in Diaphragm Pumps_Parker Precision Fluidics



“The BTX-Connect is the next generation of miniature diaphragm pumps that are meeting next-generation devices needs”

David Sayer, test and reliability engineering, Parker Precision Fluidics


In conclusion, The BTX-Connect is the next generation of miniature diaphragm pumps by meeting and exceeding next-generation device manufacturer's needs. The brushless motor, custom bearings, advanced elastomer material, ultra-low noise, optimized counterbalance with advanced control options and capabilities are creating a new standard in miniature diaphragm pumps. The BTX is rated at 15,000 hours of continuous life at 12 psi. 

Key features

  • Brushless motor – increases life and reduces noise.
  • In-house bearing assembly – increases life and reduces noise.
  • Optional UART serial port – control and advanced monitoring.
  • Optimized counter balance – reduces noise and vibration.
  • Lowest weight pump in class – ideal for portable applications.
  • Advance elastomer material – increases life.
  • Flexible controls options or digital communication.
  • Fail-safe shut down.
  • 15,000 hours of continuous life at 12psi.

The importance of reliability in diaphragm pumps - request a sample - Parker Precision FluidicsClick here to read more about the new BTX-Connect pump and request a sample.

Our applications engineering team is always available to provide recommendations and customize equipment to customer specifications, call 603-595-1500 to speak with an engineer.



The Importance of Reliability in Diaphragm Pumps - David Sayer, application engineer - Parker Precision Fluidics

Article contributed by David Sayer, Parker Precision Fluidics Division. David has held multiple positions in engineering during his lengthy career, including positions in R&D, applications engineering, and test & reliability engineering. David's current position at Precision Fluidics focuses on validating reliability and uncovering improvement opportunities for Parker pumps.




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